Corporate history. History of Electronic Components Division

Having an overwhelming name recognition as an apparel company, GUNZE also has a history of over 25 years as a touch panel manufacturer and has made a significant contribution as a market pioneer. Our background is;


GUNZE as an apparel company

GUNZE was established in 1895 and started a silk thread business which was a local industry in Ikaruga-gun (currently Ayabe-shi) in Kyoto, the place where GUNZE initiated the business, contributing to the growth of local industry.
Since then GUNZE has diversified with textile business as core business. With the times changing, the apparel business including underwear as typified by hosiery and pantyhose has emerged replacing the silk thread business which had shown a significant decline in demand.
GUNZE having a brand image as an inner apparel maker, not only had created an apparel business in corporate history but worked actively on the self-developed technology of packing film used to pack the apparel product.

Conductive transparent film
created from packing film of pantyhose

Working on innovation and the manufacture of packing film  later resulted in creating a plastic film business and applying the technology has given GUNZE an idea to start developing functional plastic film.

After initial success GUNZE sought to expand even further in the lifestyle industry. Business expanded broadly in the apparel market, non textile businesses were deployed.

This was GUNZE's business model in the 90's.

Starting a new business was one of the top priorities in business management. GUNZE plastic division has started studies of high functional plastic or new processing technology seeking for a new business opportunity from 1980.

With the growing demand of visual home electronics such as the videocassette recorder, GUNZE started study and development of conductive transparent film anticipating the growth of the electronics market. Although plastic film was basically a secondary operation, full-scale production of conductive transparent film started in 1986 after going through repeated functional evaluation including durability testing, and this was the beginning of sales of a revolutionary functional film called "G-TEC" which conducts electricity and allows light to pass through.

Scene of operator working at clean room (around 1986)

Silk production plant  in the early years (in the 1990s)

Hosiery (around 1946) Inner wear products


Transparent Conductive Film GZ film released in 1986

Prototype touch panel using GZ film

GUNZE's growth strategy of creating new business from existing business

The manufacturing technology of functional plastic was later used not only for supplying film material but was applied to in-house touch panel production by GUNZE electronic component division from 1985. Development of better functional film is necessary in the course of touch panel evolution. GUNZE has come to successfully accomplish the development of functional films with high durability, heat-resistant, anti-fingerprint, and low reflective up to the present.

When creating a new business, what GUNZE pursues is a business field which is created based on existing management resources having backbone of high level technology which innovates industrial society.

Touch panel production of electronic components division is a business created by applying packing film technology with GUNZE'S growth strategy over numbers of years having the concept of creating new business from existing ones.

This concept is not restricted to the electronic components division but has been a foundation of our business such as development of medical material having bioabsorbable or high functional plastic field (engineering plastic) including electrostatic charge band.

the tree of GUNZE's business history *click here for its larger image

Business of Gunze started from raw silk manufacturing, and diversified into further businesses from existing business resources. Today, Gunze continues to expand businesses from three business segments which are Apparel, Functional Solutions and Lifestyle Creations.(For more details, please visit Gunze Corporate website)


Scene of operator working


Quality Assurance

【中国生産拠点】東莞冠智電子有限公司 (GZE)のイメージ

<China Production Site>GZE


<China Production Site>Scene of Operator working

【中国生産拠点】東莞烏沙郡権電厰 (JQE)のイメージ

<China Production Site>JQE

History of Electronic Components Division / History of Touch Panel Production

1985 Started business as Electronic Material Center (Moriyama, Shiga)  
1986 Set Office in Moriyama, Shiga

Placed resistive matrix touch panel on the market. 


Placed resistive analog touch panel on the market

1995 Started production at GM Electronics Corp. in Yabu, Hyogo

Placed LCD with touch panel on the market

1996 Completed initial phase construction of Kameoka factory in Kyoto.  
1998 Renamed as Electronic Components Division

Placed resistive low reflective  touch panel on the market.

1998 Completed second phase construction of Kameoka factory in Kyoto.

Placed resistive tough touch panel on the market.

1999 Started production at GGI (Guang Dong, China)  
2003 Started production at GZE (Guang Dong, China)  
2007 Started production of Projected Capacitive touch panel(PCAP)

Placed Projected Capacitive (PCAP)touch panel on the market.


Placed N-trig type capacitive touch panel on the market.

2009 Established JHOC (Jun Hong Optronics Co., Ltd.)  
2010 Established GUNZE Taiwan  
2011 Established YLG Optotech Limited
Established JHOC (Jun Hong Optronics (Hui Zhou) Co., Ltd.)