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Prologue of Touch Panel

The resistive type touch panel first appeared in the 1980s. After taking some turning points, the resistive type became the touch panel to be applied to products that are popular in the business and entertainment market.

At first, it showed its presence as a control device for stationary terminals such as Factory Automation, medical, and POS terminals. It was generalized as the input switch for mobile terminal by the popularization of Personal Computers with the appearance of Windows 95 in 1995 and by the adoption of information terminals such as PDA which appeared in 2000.

Going into the 21st Century, there have been more and more occasions for us to use touch panel particularly for visual devices such as digital cameras, video cameras and consumer products such as mobile phones, restaurant ordering systems, in-flight seating systems, car navigation and tablet PC.

A quarter of century since it's appearance, touch panel technology has been applied to various products and the touch panel is used as familiar input device. Over time, commoditization has progressed and touch panel has established its style as a user-friendly product.

Desire to form a product upon designer's sensibility
Seeking the characteristic of "Quality"

Touch panel is installed at the forefront of a product. It is the 'face' of a product. That is the reason we pursue it's characteristics and were determined  to make customers' expectations a reality.

GUNZE Touch Panel is the device that will enhance the sensitivity of every designer. Without decreasing the sensitivity to envisioning product idea or inspiration, GUNZE presents customers with an ideal product that no other company can match.

  • Intuitive input by finger and pen
  • Easy-to-input by just following the display
  • Button-less design

Touch Panel is a device that will fulfill the requirements mentioned above; Intuitive input by finger and pen, easy-to-input by just following the display, button-less design. Placed and used on top of display. This is the reason for seeking consistant visibility.
Durability against repeated input by finger and pen is also an important factor when designing touch panel. Reliability against environmental and temporal change is a characteristic that may not be compromised. Two other important factors are thinness and lightweight design.
GUNZE has been manufacturing touch panels to fulfill the various requirements of customers and still continues to make our products improve more and more.

The GUNZE touch panel, always user-friendly.


Connecting human and society with better interface that will link to the future.

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