Term of License

  • Touch panel driver software is in ZIP file format. Please decompress before using.
  • Customer is allowed to install and use this software only on computer with Gunze touch panel or/and touch panel controller connected.
  • Customer shall not sell, rent or lease this software to a third party as a business practice.
  • Customer must not modify, revise, reverse-engineer, decompile or disassemble all or a part of this software.
  • Gunze shall never certify that this software is suitable or useful for user-specific applications and has no defects nor guarantee anything concerning this software.
  • Gunze shall never take responsibility for direct or indirect damage accompanied by or consequently arisen from the use of this software.
  • The copyright and other property rights of this software belong to Gunze and infringement of these rights is illegal act inhibited by law.
  • This software may be changed or updated without prior notice.

Support of this software

  • "There are 2 types of touch panel driver software: Commercial and Non-commercial.
    Only non-commercial version may be downloaded from this website."
  • No technical support will be provided for non-commercial version. Please purchase the commercial version if you need support.