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President, Atsushi Hirochi President, Atsushi Hirochi

Company name reflects the founder’s aspirations

Gunze started out as a local producer of silk in the district of Ikaruga (presently Ayabe City) in Kyoto. In establishing Gunze, the founder Tsurukichi Hatano wanted to promote the local silkworm industry. He also wanted to achieve a harmonious coexistence and co-prosperity with all stakeholders through a people-centered approach and a commitment to quality. This intention was reflected in the company’s name, Gunze Silk Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (presently Gunze Limited), as “gun-ze” means the “policy of the district” or “the road the district should take.” Over the past years, this founding philosophy has been instilled and firmly rooted among all employees of the Gunze Group.

The founder’s aspiration then was to build a community that would make not only his company but all his stakeholders including employees, silk farmers, and shareholders, as well as local citizens happy. Today, this founder’s aspiration is still maintained as “warp” threads across Gunze. At the same time, we are flexibly adapting our business, products, and services to the requirements of the times in order to continue providing more and more customers with a “Feeling of Comfort.”

Creating a bright, active and enjoyable workplace

Launched in fiscal 2013, our ATG Project has reached its fifth year. This project is intended to build a workplace culture emphasizing openness and trust. Through this and other measures, we can create a bright, active and enjoyable work environment for all employees.

In fiscal 2017, we will set up the CSR Committee and Work Style Reform Committee as group-wide initiatives. The CSR Committee will combine knowledge and ideas reflecting various positions and multifaceted viewpoints, in order to further enhance and upgrade our CSR activities. We will do so by evolving our CSR activities, formerly promoted mainly by a dedicated section, to a group-wide focus on fulfillment of our social responsibilities through our business activities. By so doing, we hope to make an even greater contribution to our communities and society at large. Work style reform is currently attracting growing attention from the public. As such, our Work Style Reform Committee will proactively promote diversity at work, including the empowerment of women. Moreover, a more efficient work style will be sought while maintaining a work-life balance by strengthening information infrastructure and promoting other measures.

Going forward, we will remain committed to offering all our stakeholders a “Feeling of Comfort,” while fulfilling our social responsibilities. To this end, we will continue challenging ourselves to create new “weft” threads representing our products and services, while living up to our “warp” threads woven by Gunze’s founding philosophy. Your continued support and patronage are greatly appreciated.

President, Atsushi Hirochi