For the community

Gunze actively contributes to society through its business and the activities of the GUNZE LOVE EARTH Club. In this way, Gunze seeks to promote mutual development and prosperity with the local community.


The GUNZE LOVE EARTH Club was set up in 2006 as a commemorative project for the 110th anniversary of the company’s founding. The club collects donations from its members and Gunze provides matching donations and sends them to NPOs for support as part of its social contribution.


“A” member
An “A” type member contributes 1 to 99 units of a donation (a single unit is 100 yen) from his or her monthly salary and bonuses 14 times a year.
“B” member
A “B” type member donates money into a specified bank account.
The company offers matching gifts!


Supported organizations (14 organizations in FY2016)

  • KnK International
  • CliniClowns Association
  • AMDA
  • Shaplaneer
  • ACE
  • PLAS
  • Mori wa Umi no Koibito
  • Civic Force
  • Japan International Volunteer Center Official Site
  • kamonohashi Project
  • Bridge For Smile

Innerwear donations in FY2016

Bridge For Smile

NPO Bridge for Smile is engaged in activities to support children living in society from child care centers so that they can live with hope for the future. Gunze is carrying out seminars (nesting projects) to convey the knowledge and skills necessary for living alone, such as moving procedures, money management, art of protecting from danger, to children who leave the facility and start living alone when graduating from high school. At the Gunze Love Earth Club, we donate underwear, tights and stockings to children who are to leave the nests.

Collaborative activities

“Happy Chocolate” Project

“Happy Chocolate” ProjectChocolate ladybirds carrying happiness

Since January 2009, ACE has been selling “chocolate ladybirds carrying happiness” in the Valentine's Day season, and donating a part of sales revenue to support children in cacao production areas in Ghana. In 2017, Gunze Group employees purchased 985 packs of the chocolates, with part of the sales revenue used to free children from labor in cacao farms so that they can attend school.

Kyoto Model Forest Program

Kyoto Model Forest Program

Upholding the objective of the Kyoto Model Forest Program promoted by the Kyoto prefectural government, Gunze has continuously been engaged in forest preservation activities in Ayabe City, Gunze’s birthplace. Before starting forestry work, Gunze participants listen to a staff member of the Kyoto Prefectural Chutan Regional Promotion Office, who provides an explanation regarding the significance of protecting the woodlands and the need for confirming safety. The participants then work on felling bamboo trees and constructing a mountain trail in the undeveloped woodlands.

Frequency No. of participants
FY2016 3 times 52
FY2015 4 times 123
Model Forest Program
The Model Forest Program was first announced by Canada at the Earth Summit held in 1992 in order to help promote sustainable development. In 2008, the Kyoto Model Forest Association became a member of the International Model Forest Network. Since 2010, the Gunze Group has been participating in the Kyoto Model Forest Program.

Engagement with Local Communities

Gunze Museum

Gunze Museum

Opened on May 24, 2014, the Ayabe Gunze Square comprises Ayabe Tokusankan (specialty products store), Ayabe Rose Garden, and Gunze Museum. Considered as one of the most important tourist spots in Ayabe City, the Ayabe Gunze Square collaborates with various activities of “Kyoto by the Sea” project, which promotes the creation of attractive places for tourists in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture.

Gunze Museum’s “Tsudoi-gura” community hall is used by various circles and individuals for exhibitions related to culture, arts, education, and welfare. (Its use by circles and individuals based in Ayabe City is subsidized by Ayabe City and Gunze, respectively, for one-third of the usage fee.) Gunze also cooperates with Ayabe Tokusankan and Ayabe City in holding various events through the Square’s partnership conference involving Ayabe City, the Ayabe Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ayabe Tourism Association, and Gunze Museum.

No. of visitors No. of “Tsudoi-gura” users
FY2016 19,285 16 groups
FY2015 17,180 26 groups
FY2014 13,314 25 groups

Lectures on innerwear; "Innerwear classroom"

Lectures on innerwear

Agreeing with the "after school children's plan" carried out by the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education, Gunze is holding "Gunze innerwear classroom" in the Kansai area, so that children can learn the importance of innerwear and grow healthy. Gunze staff visits mainly at elementary schools and lectures "Innerwear class".

Factory tours and workplace experiences

Factory tours and workplace experiences

Gunze factories and logistics centers accept local elementary, junior high, and high school students to observe these facilities, while also allowing trainees to experience work. The Osaka Head Office and Tokyo Office also cooperate in accepting high school students to visit private companies to learn about their work.

Fukushima Sunflower Foster Parent Project

Fukushima Sunflower Foster Parent Project

The Fukushima Sunflower Foster Parent Project was launched after the East Japan Earthquake in March 2011. The objective of the project was to plant sunflowers in Fukushima as a symbol of restoration from the disaster. Sunflower seeds purchased by the Gunze Group are carefully cultivated by foster parents (the Group’s offices and factories throughout Japan). After they finish blooming, seeds are collected and sent back to Fukushima. This activity helps strengthen the bond with the people of Fukushima, while also contributing to expansion of employment in the area.

“No waste” activities

As an easier way to contribute to society, Gunze encourages collection of aluminum can pull-tabs and used books in exchange for donations to charities.

Type Total collected*
Eco caps 2,952,653 pcs
Pull-tabs/aluminum cans 2,037.6kg
Used stamps 48,130g
Miswritten postcards 1,651 pcs
Used books worth 93,037 yen

FY2007 to FY2016 total

Participation in the Pink Ribbon Program

Pink Ribbon Program

Since 2015, Gunze has been an official supporter for J.POSH, an NPO certified to promote the Pink Ribbon Program. Gunze also co-sponsors Pink Ribbon-related events held at various places in Japan.

Disaster Relief Activities


Gunze matches donations made by employees to contribute to charities.

Donations for: Employee GUNZE LIMITED Total Remittance to:
April 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake survivors 862,473 yen 862,473 yen 1,724,946 yen Japanese Red Cross Society

1,267,000 yen was donated under the name of "Earthquake Donation by Gunze Shareholders" which was from the shareholder special benefit plan for the interim period of 2016 (September 30).

Relief supplies

Working through various organizations and charities, Gunze provides relief supplies, such as innerwear, to support those who suffer serious damage from disasters.

Support for: Innerwear Socks Pajamas Medical stocking
April 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake survivors 78,862 50,743 - 8,850

Receiving a request from the Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) for support, Gunze provided the "Uru-uru Pack" (relief supplies delivered to each household with supplies needed by people in the affected areas) for assistance to the victims of the Kumamoto earthquake, 200 underwear for the elderly.