Research & Development Policy

Gunze’s Research & Development Policy

Gunze’s Research & Development Policy

Since its beginning, Gunze’s research and development efforts have focused on processing technologies. At present, with three processing technologies as its core, Gunze promotes the development of new technologies mainly in related high-growth areas. Our R&D environment goes beyond the boundaries of laboratories or fields of study, and is best characterized by its flexible system. This system facilitates cross-application or merging of different technologies, which has led to numerous innovations. In addition to exploring individual technologies and combining them, we also conduct research and development based on the vision of each business division. By so doing, we aim to develop new customers by offering value based on the anticipation of upcoming societal needs.

Research & Development Guidelines
  • Develop technologies related to high-growth fields
  • Create new businesses through integration of pooled technological resources
  • Develop product/production technologies based on business vision

Areas of Gunze’s Research & Development

At Gunze, our research and development efforts are centered on our core technologies related to three areas of processing—fiber processing, resin processing, and surface processing. Each core technology is broken down to highly advanced and specialized key technologies. Above all, key technologies for cotton (cellulose) modification, physiological design, precision extrusion, dispersive mixing, and coating are Gunze’s core competencies, and are employed in the development of many innovative products. We have also accumulated knowledge and expertise in each technological area through our own development of manufacturing equipment, as well as through the employment of various raw materials. By putting our expertise in different technological areas or cross-divisional knowhow together, we are committed to creating new and more beneficial technologies and products.

Innovation through processing technologies

Innovation through processing technologies

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Gunze’s Research & Development Strategy

Director,Corporate Officer General Manager Research & Development Department (CRO) Katsuhiko Oikawa Director,Corporate Officer General Manager Research & Development  Department Katsuhiko Oikawa

Director and Corporate Officer
General Manager, Research & Development Department
Katsuhiko Oikawa

Meeting societal needs by exploring and combining core technologies.

We will continuously conduct R&D to further strengthen our material design, polymer processing, surface processing and sensor device technologies, as we seek to delve deeply into core technologies. We will also aim to create new products that meet the needs of customers through the combination of technologies, while establishing the “one and only” position in our existing business fields.

Enhancing QOL with a focus on the medical field.

With the increasingly aging population and falling birthrates, Gunze considers health and medical care to be the next-stage driver for Gunze’s growth, and thus aims to leverage its technologies in this area. Going forward, Gunze will focus on research and development in health and medical care as our core field, as we seek to enhance people’s quality of life (QOL). In addition to research into expanding the medical use of resin processing technology, we will also work to apply our apparel products, a source of our identity, for medical uses. Conventionally, we have worked to enhance the “feeling of comfort” in our innerwear products and developed products based on scientific verification of comfort. In pursuit of the next form of the “feeling of comfort,” Gunze will promote its new concept of “medical care through wear,” intended to introduce specially designed wear for patients to help relieve postoperative pain or other discomfort.

Enhancement of QOL