PEEK heat-shrinkable tube


Gunze’s PEEK heat-shrinkable tube is a high-performance product that has the features of PEEK(polyetheretherketone) resin such as heat resistance, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, electric insulation and high modulus of elasticity.

Providing electrical conductivity and contractility (to the products) is possible according to your requirements.

Application Examples

It can be utilized in a variety of fields such as electrical insulating material, packing material, aerospace field, automotive field, etc.

【Size example】
【Shrinkage rate (reference value) 】
Shrinkage rate
around 15~20%


  • In regard to shrinkage control, it varies according to the diameter and thickness of the tube.
  • Material, standard, addition of characteristics, etc. are all customizable.
  • Contact us regarding lots and price.