TST (Fluoro resin heat-shrinkable tube)


Heat-shrinkable tube made by stretching fluorine resin FEP continuously.
Continuous stretching process enable the production of long products, and it also enable to give excellent properties of the fluorine resin easily with low manufacturing cost.

  1. Separability
  2. Chemical resistance
  3. Weather resistance

Application Examples

It can be applied to prevent separation of guide rollers, scattering of fluorescent tubes, and to protect manufacturing jigs, etc.

【Size sample】
Item code
Target dia.
Inside dia.
before shrinkage(mm)
Inside dia.
after shrinkage(mm)
Packing shape
Packing material
TST3432.5> 33.5 < 29.0 250Scroll FEP
TST3028.0> 29.5< 25.5200Scroll FEP
TST2725.5> 26.5< 23.0200Scroll FEP


  • It is possible to set diameter within the range of 25φ~40φ, wall thickness 100μm ~ 250μm, and shrinkage rate 10%~ 15%.
  • Please contact us regarding the shrinkage rate because it can be varies from the balance of inner diameter or thickness.
  • Contact us for regarding requirements that exceed the specifications in the above table.