Super engineering plastic fiber/ fiber structure


Long fibers of super engineering plastic resin made by Gunze’s unique spinning techniques.

It could be used as filament or processed goods such as net mesh, brush, pile, etc., and be used in a variety of applications from industrial materials field to high-tech field.

Application Examples

Net mesh-shaped, short fiber/pile, braided tubing, brush-shaped, braid/cover ring, ribbon-shaped, bag-shaped, roll-shaped.

【Standard products】
UL temperature
Fluorine resinPFA~260℃
Fluorine resinFEP~200℃
Fluorine resinETFE~180℃
High heat resistance resinPEEK~260℃
High heat resistance resinPPSU~200℃
General purpose resinPolyester~120℃
General purpose resinNylon~120℃
【Characteristics of engineering plastic fibers】
Application Examples
Fluorine resinPFAseparability, heat resistance, chemical resistance, voltage resistance, flame resistance, electric insulationindustrial filters, brush for OA parts, automotive brush, food manufacturing, improvement of sliding of wire
Fluorine resinFEPseparability, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance, oxygen permeability, light permeabilitycable, brush, plant culture nets, mold release applications between concrete
Fluorine resinETFEweather resistance, chemical resistance, hard/tough surface properties, low specific gravityelements around car window, high viscosity liquid filters
High heat resistant resinPEEKsuper heat resistance (260 ℃), chemical resistance, radiation resistance, creep resistancebrush, automobile, aerospace, semiconductor, liquid crystal display related fields
High heat resistant resinPPSUtoughness, chemical resistance, hydrolysis resistance, transparencyfilter, brush, sterilization applications, food-related, aircraft interiors, medical-related
High heat resistant resinPolyesterbalance of cost and functionfilter media, belt
General purpose resinNylonbalance of mechanical properties, abrasion resistance, easy conductivity-impartingOA cleaning brush, industrial filter


  • Material, standard, addition of characteristics, etc. are all customizable.
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