Anti-static GRC fluorine-contained resin heat-shrinkable tube.
GRC-PB (Anti-static heat-shrinkable tube made from PFA fluoro resin)


In addition to the non-adhesive characteristics of PFA fluoro resin, GRC-PB is anti-static.

  1. Anti-static characteristics
  2. Non-adhesive surface resists contamination
  3. Chemical resistance


  • Photocopiers and printers
  • Paper manufacturing and paper product manufacturing (paper and adhesive tape manufacturing machines)
  • Film and sheet processing machines (laminators, and magnetic tape manufacturing machines)
  • Textile and dyeing equipment (dyeing and resin processing equipment)
  • Printing machinery (high-speed offset rotary press and printing machines for business forms)
  • Industrial machinery (printed circuit board, semiconductor, and FPD related equipment)


Item Code
Inside dia.
Before shrinkage
Inside dia.
After shrinkage
(mm) Note1
30PB32290.51200Conductive PFA
35PB36330.51200Conductive PFA
40PB41370.51200Conductive PFA
45PB51430.51200Conductive PFA
50PB53470.51200/1800Conductive PFA
55PB59510.51200Conductive PFA
60PB65560.51200/1800Conductive PFA
70PB74620.51800Conductive PFA
75PB79700.51800Conductive PFA
80PB84750.51800Conductive PFA
85PB89760.51800Conductive PFA
90PB94830.51800Conductive PFA
100PB103920.51800Conductive PFA
100PB106930.53600Conductive PFA
105PB108940.51800Conductive PFA
110PB1131000.51800Conductive PFA
120PB1221070.51800Conductive PFA
123PB1271150.53600Conductive PFA
125PB1321170.51800/3600Conductive PFA
135PB1411250.51800Conductive PFA
145PB1501290.51800Conductive PFA
150PB1561380.51800/3600Conductive PFA


  • When making inquiries or placing an order, be sure to supply us with the accurate roller diameter and length so that we can select the optimum tube for your application.
  • Contact for regarding requirements that exceed the specifications in the above table.
  • This product has been specially treated to suppress generation of static electricity. It is not guaranteed to totally eliminate generation of static electricity. (Surface resistance is under 10^8.)
  • Please store the tubing in a cool and dark location (30℃ or below). At higher temperatures, there is a possibility that the tube will shrink.
  • The inside diameter after shrinkage is the measurement made after heating to 200℃ for 10 minutes. It is not a guaranteed value.
  • Cut length is 400 mm or above, with a pitch of 100 mm. Any quantity of tube order is welcome.
  • If GRC is used in places where the temperature exceeds 100℃ or where the nip pressure is too high, there is a strong possibility that the GRC may slip or cause wrinkle. Consult Gunze regarding such cases.

How to Apply GF Tube

Construction Method

  • Please use the heat gun on the market.
  • Please choose inside dia, which is nearly roller’s diameter. The length of GRC that is around 200mm longer than the length of roller is preferable.
  1. Spin the roll at constant speed
    【Step1】  Spin the roll at constant speed
  2. Heat gun’s direction is opposite direction to movement’s direction
    【Step2】  Heat gun’s direction is opposite direction to movement’s direction
  3. Shrinking the tube from one side, while spining roller
    【Step3】  Shrinking the tube from one side, while spining roller
  4. Turn up on both side
    【Step4】  Turn up on both side
  1. Spin the roll at constant speed.
  2. Shrink GRC from one side. The standard temperature of heat air is 150~200℃ at the surface of GRC.
  3. Heat rollgun’s direction is opposite direction to movement’s direction to prevent air bubble.
  • Please contact for construction technique of tube with large size dia. we prepare for the detail guidances about tube.
  • Please contact for installation.


  1. Is it possible to borrow construction tools?
    Yes, you can rent from us. (※Only in Japan)
  2. We do not have confidence in the construction. Is it possible to ask Gunze to give us a construction?
    Yes, we could carry out construction guidance free of charge only once at the first time.
  3. Is it possible to give construction to an irregular (oval, square, triangle / stepped, arched) roll?
    Since the shrinkage ratio of the tube is low, conformability to the shape will be limited. Please ask us for details.
  4. Is there a limit to the material of rollers?
    Since there is a risk of thermal deformation, we do not recommend low heat resistance materials such as polyurethane foam.
  5. How to deal with the end of the roller?
    Please do not cut off the tube by the roller’s length. Leaving the tube slightly longer than the roller and then shrink to be smaller than the roller’s diameter.
  6. Is it possible to cut the tube easily by scissors?
    It can be cut off easily by scissors or cutter. However, please be careful to cut the tube along the longitudinal direction in order not to leave cut marks.
  7. Is it possible to wipe the tube with solvent?
    Yes, it is possible.
  8. Is it possible to use an adhesive or tape to connect the tube?
    No, it is impossible.
  9. Is it possible to repair the entrainment of air bubbles?
    It is not possible to repair completely. Please contact us for simple repair method.
  10. How about the endurance of tubes?
    It might be different depending on customer’s usage.
  11. Is it possible to bond tubes and rolls by adhesive processing?
    It is impossible in our company. We will introduce a professional.