Extremely versatile!
Sheets and seamless belts made from engineering plastics.

Engineering plastic sheets and seamless belts

Technical features

  1. By spreading uniformly with a conductive material, control over the resistance value is possible. It is possible to stabilize the surface resistance value to within a multiplier factor of 10 over the range 10^3 to 10^14Ω.
  2. The dispersion of a thermal-conductive filler and a high-rigidity filler has contributed to the improvement of the whole thermal conductivity and rigidity of the material to the level of rivaling metallic materials. In this way, the thermal and mechanical properties of the material has become flexible to meet your variety of requests.
  3. The surface of the material can be coated with silicon resin or fluorine-contained resin to give the material separability characteristics.
  4. Two layers are possible, and the front and back can be given different functional properties.
  5. The edges can be treated to prevent snaking and taped for reinforcement.


  • Belts for photocopiers and printers (fusing, transfer, developing, and paper transport etc.)
  • Belts for food processing (processing, and transport etc.)
  • Belts for general machinery (drive, and transport etc.)
  • Heat-resistant insulating tube (heaters and thermistors etc.)
  • Semiconductor applications (ultrapure water piping, packing etc.)
  • Electronic components (FPC and TAB tape etc.)
  • Communication applications (optical fiber protective cover, filler etc.)
  • Audio components (diaphragms and voice coils etc.)
  • Leisure applications (molding of/ reinforcing for fishing rods and golf club shafts etc.)