Super engineering plastics polyimide(PI) that has additional function of heat conduction!
It’s a product that combines the characteristics of high-temperature/high-voltage resistant, heat conduction and insulation.

PI(polyimide) insulation/ heat dissipation molding material


Gunze’s PI(polyimide) insulation/ heat dissipation molding material, is a product that has the characteristics of PI such as high-strength and high-temperature resistance, and also allow the characteristics of high-voltage resistant and thermal conductivity.
Contact us regarding questions about film thickness, control of heat dissipation, composite moldings with metal such as copper/ aluminum, etc. We will respond to various requirements.

  1. High dielectric strength
  2. Heat dissipation
  3. High mechanical strength
  4. Abrasion resistance


  • Insulation of batteries, inverter, etc.
  • Foundational insulation of the power device
  • Spacer of motor
  • Others, as heat-resistant insulation material


Thermal conductivity
295×21025 ~ 851 ~ 3
120×12025 ~ 851 ~ 3

※Manufacturable size (as of 14 January, 2011)

Composite of polyimide and copper


  • The thermal conductivity is a converted value measured by Mobale1u thermal diffusivity instrument made by ai-Phase Co.
  • Heat dissipation characteristics change according to the width, thickness and withstanding voltage.
  • Consult us regarding composite with metal.