Fluorine resin sheet


Fluorine resin sheet is a product that combines the features of fluorine resin such as heat resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance and low dielectric constant, etc.

Special molding is possible according to customer requirements. For example, shrinkage control in the vertical and transversal directions, conductivity/abrasion resistance impartment, one side reforming process, etc.

Application Examples

Electrical insulating material, releasing material, packing material, etc.

【Size Example】
15mm ~ 150mm15μmT ~ 150μmT
【Range of shrinkage control (reference value)】
Vertical direction
Lateral direction
-2% ~ +1%-1% ~ +1


  • Shrinkage difference depending on the width and thickness of the sheet.
  • Moldable resin PFA, FEP, PVDF, PA, etc.
  • Materials, characteristic impartment and standards, etc. are available on your request.
  • Please contact us for more information regarding lots and price.