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CHONDROVEIL™ is a single-use bioabsorbable synthetic felt for the treatment of traumatic full-thickness, chondral and osteochondral defect, consisting of 100% PGA (Polyglycolic acid) which has been clinically used for about 30 years as surgical suture material. The porous fibrous structure acts as shape and guidance template for cartilage-like tissue development after bone marrow stimulation (e.g.Microfracture Technique), enabling the use of autologous cells in a one-step procedure setting.
Once positioned properly, CHONDROVEIL™ provides protection against mechanical shear and compression until tissue ingrowth has replaced the scaffold matrix.
Enhanced subchondral stimulation technique using scaffolds may allow for a faster rehabilitation of the patient due to the increased initial stability of the regenerating tissue of the cartilage defect site.

(Conformed to the requirements of CE marking, CHONDROVEIL™ is not available in Japan)