Materiality Assessment Process
(Identification of Material CSR Challenges)

The Gunze Group is committed to resolving societal issues through its core businesses by living up to its founding philosophy.

Questionnaire survey targeting stakeholders

As a first step, we conducted a questionnaire survey targeting our employees to select issues from among 49 options that are of importance to the Gunze Group. Based on the 1,184 responses collected, these items were then narrowed down to the 30 highest ranked issues.

Classification of key CSR issues

For the 30 items specified as key issues, we conducted a comprehensive assessment along the two axes of "materiality for stakeholders" and "materiality for the Gunze Group" and mapped these issues for priority setting. In doing this, we took the perspectives of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) into consideration while also referring to the opinions of stakeholders, except for employees.

Materiality assessment

To facilitate speedy implementation of the "CAN 20" medium-term management plan, the following four items were determined to be Gunze's material CSR challenges based on the classification and mapping of the above issues. These are:

  • 1. QOL improvement (Contribution to health and wellness)
  • 2. Creation of an environment with abundant greenery, with ongoing response to environmental issues
  • 3. Improvement of workplace environment and workstyle reform
  • 4. Creation of a better regional community and society

A final decision on the material CSR challenges was made after deliberation at the CSR Committee.

Classification of key CSR issues

Enlarge diagram

Classification of key CSR issues