Ayabe—Gunze’s Birthplace

August 10, 2016 marked the 120th anniversary of Gunze’s founding.August 10, 2016 marked the 120th anniversary of Gunze’s founding.

  • Gunze Photo Gallery Past and Present

Gunze Photo Gallery—Past and Present

Gunze around 1933

What is preserved, is unchanged

  • Gunze Head Office in Ayabe in 1917

    1. On November 16, 1917, Empress Teimei visited Gunze’s Head Office.
    2. The Head Office is now being used as the Gunze Commemoration Hall.
  • Ayabe Head Office around 1950

    1. The old Head Office with its original appearance preserved.
    2. It is now used as the Ayabe Registered Head Office.
    1. Dokokan

      Old residence of Tsurukichi Hatano and Shinsui Kawai, the father of Gunze’s employee education.
    2. Dokoan

      Renovated as a place for relaxation.
  • Historical Resource Center

    The Historical Resource Center was originally used as the sericultural office. Because this building was designated as an architectural heritage of Kyoto, it is now used as the Historical Resource Center, with its original external appearance preserved.

The Evolution of Gunze

What is reborn, takes a new form

  • Ayabe Gunze Square

    Opened in May of 2014, the Ayabe Gunze Square comprises the Gunze Museum, Ayabe Tokusankan (specialty products store), and Ayabe Rose Garden. In the spring and autumn, the seasons bless us with a splendid variety of roses in bloom. During these seasons, Ayabe Tokusankan is packed with visitors who come to shop for regional specialties.

    • Ayabe Rose Garden (The hall at the back right of the photo is the Gunze Museum.)
    • Ayabe Gunze Square
  • Gunze Hospital

    Gunze Hospital was originally established in 1927 as Gunze’s in-house clinic. Since 1958, the hospital has been open to the general public, contributing to the local community as the only general hospital in the Ayabe region. In 1990, the hospital was reborn as the Ayabe City Hospital.

    1. Gunze Hospital around 1970
    2. Ayabe City Hospital today
  • Research Laboratory

    Taiseikan was a partnership company involved in the testing of silkworm eggs. It was established in 1903 by 15 co-founders including Tsurukichi Hatano. This company served as the first research laboratory for Gunze.

    • Taiseikan
    • Gunze’s research laboratory around 1960
    • Research & Development Department today (Ayabe)
  • Seishu Gakuin School

    In its early days, the school offered Gunze employees comprehensive education including lectures on sewing, arithmetic, and moral training.

    1. Seishu Gakuin School in its early days
    2. Now used as the Human Resource Development Training Facility