Creating a better community / society

Gunze remains committed to revitalizing the community through our business activities.

Creating a better community / society

Strengthening online sales

  • Access to Gunze StoreAccess to Gunze StoreAccess to Gunze Store
  • Focusing on changing consumption trends and retail consumer behavior shifts in the COVID-19 situation, Gunze reworked its product portfolio while enhancing communication capability. Gunze sold fabric masks developed using our innerwear manufacturing technology on our website (Gunze Store). Access to Gunze website more than doubled through social media and word of mouth, attracting fresh Gunze fans. For the stylish bottom and home wear categories, we upgraded website communication capabilities by using feature stories and promoting product appeal to highlight demand associated with staying at home. The site’s basic functions were also improved to facilitate easier item selection and purchasing for consumers.

Gunze aggressively employed sales promotion techniques such as video content on social media to better respond to diversifying customer touch points, which in turn helped attract more customers and increase Gunze Store membership.

Support for July 2020 heavy rain disaster victims

  • Transporting relief supplies in the disaster-affected areaTransporting relief supplies in the disaster-affected areaTransporting relief supplies in the disaster-affected area
  • Responding to SEMA (Social Emergency Management Alliance)*1 and Save the Children*2 requests, Gunze provided innerwear and hosiery for disaster victims through the swift and efficient cooperation of the Apparel Company and Gunze Distribution Co., Ltd. *1 SEMA is a disaster response alliance functioning as a one-stop shop to provide relief supplies and services sourced from various companies after large-scale natural disasters in Japan, cooperating with private companies and civil society organizations (CSOs). SEMA’s membership includes private companies and CSOs.

*2 Save the Children is an international non-profit organization engaged in supporting children in some 120 countries around the world. For over a century, this organization has provided children with emergency support and humanitarian aid, access to healthcare and nutrition, protection against abuse and neglect, disaster prevention, and other aid. It aims to build a world in which the rights of children to live, grow, be protected from abuse and neglect, and participate in are preserved.