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Apparel Business Activities

Men’s Innerwear

  • BODY WILD 3D-Boxer ensures a high comfort fitBODY WILD 3D-Boxer ensures a high comfort fitBODY WILD 3D-Boxer ensures a high comfort fit
  • Casual trend-oriented innerwear, including in.T, a product specially designed for T-shirts, and BODY WILD outer T-shirt gained popularity in COVID-19 conditions. Comfortable-to-wear BODY WILD 3D-Boxer molded boxer briefs with minimal stitching soon became a hot-selling product as it satisfied increasing demand for stress-free comfort.

House Casual Wear

  • KAIMIN NAVI designed to offer comfortable sleepKAIMIN NAVI designed to offer comfortable sleepKAIMIN NAVI designed to offer comfortable sleep
  • Gunze expanded the Champion line, which incorporated a fresh design perspective focusing on enjoying at-home fashions well-suited for changing lifestyles, as well as the Tuché line of home wear that uses soft materials. Gunze also introduced a KAIMIN NAVI pajama made with temperature-regulating fabric and a design feature that makes rolling-over in bed easier. The product’s advanced features were communicated in an appealing way to customers using easy-to-understand comparative data.

Wellness Category Products

  • AIRZ sports stress-free sports layerAIRZ sports stress-free sports layerAIRZ sports stress-free sports layer
  • Reflecting the elevated level of health awareness among consumers in the COVID-19 situation, products in the wellness category performed well. In the sports category, AIRZ sports products employing Gunze-unique CUFOFF and bonding technologies made their debut. In the health-oriented category, the RIZAP line of innerwear featuring a function to increase calorie consumption while supporting health and beauty was introduced following legwear products.

Engineering Plastics-related Activities

New factory construction

  • New Konan FactoryNew Konan FactoryNew Konan Factory
  • To constantly offer products that are able to satisfy the diversifying requirements of each industry, Gunze built an additional factory with a higher clean rating in May 2020. This factory will serve as a foothold to create new products mainly for semiconductor manufacturing equipment that incorporate functional multi-fluororesin components, and also for medical equipment.

Improving Patient QOL with Medical Materials

Sales launched in the United States

  • TheraGenesis™ wound matrixTheraGenesis™ wound matrixTheraGenesis™ wound matrix
  • U.S. staffU.S. staffU.S. staff

Gaining U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification in April 2020, Gunze was able to commence U.S. sales for its TheraGenesis™ wound matrix. This product is currently available under the brand name PELNAC® in non-U.S. markets. On this good start point, the Medical Materials Division was able to enter an exclusive distribution agreement with Misonix, Inc., a leading American medical device maker, leading to a January 2021 launch in the U.S. This marked the initial entry of Gunze products in the U.S. market for the Medical Materials Division. From the time Gunze acquired official approval for the manufacture and sales of this product in Japan in 1993, PELNAC® has been widely used by over 60% of university hospitals across Japan to treat skin issues for severe burns and other serious injuries. Since the product’s introduction, it has been able to make a significant contribution to improving QOL for patients. Internationally, PELNAC® is popular, especially in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, China, Korea, and Brazil. From this point on, we will be continuing to develop more effective wound care solutions by employing advanced medical technologies, as we seek to help patients and medical professionals in the U.S. to benefit from better treatment outcomes by rapidly addressing U.S. market needs.

Marketing anatomical breast implants

  • Anatomical breast implantAnatomical breast implantAnatomical breast implant
  • Various breast implantsVarious breast implantsVarious breast implants

Till recently, just one U.S. company had marketed anatomical breast implants in Japan, no other manufacturer having acquired Pharmaceutical Affairs Law approval. Sales of this product were discontinued in 2019 due to a safety-related issue, preventing the Japanese market from obtaining the only product that had been available. A new product was therefore much needed by doctors, patients, and breast cancer-related organizations. Responding to the strong requests from related medical associations, Medical U&A, Inc. received Pharmaceutical Affairs Law approval for sales of new anatomical breast implant products in Japan. Then starting in October 2020, Sientra products imported from the U.S. became available in Japan. Our aim is to import and sell breast implants that can be used safely and securely by collaborating with related medical associations. We will also establish a cooperative relationship with breast cancer patient organizations as well as provide thorough post-operative follow-ups including post-marketing studies.

Gunze Medical Japan expands user range to include more clinical departments

  • Gunze Medical Japan Ltd. (GMJ) was established in 2017 for the purpose of selling NEOVEIL® absorbable reinforcement felt in Japan. Post-operative complications must be avoided to help patients who have undergone surgical procedures for cancer and other conditions to recover steadily and be discharged from the hospital as quickly as possible. NEOVEIL® is designed to reduce post-operative complications by reinforcing organ tissue subject to invasive surgical procedures before they heal.

In particular, the product is used by over 90% of respiratory surgery departments in Japan as sealing material to prevent air leakage from sutured sections in lung surgery. At present, GMJ is actively expanding users to include other clinical departments by focusing on another NEOVEIL® feature that is the ability to provide a scaffold for tissue reconstruction. Along with an accelerating increase in aging populations, post-operative complication cases are steadily on the rise, emphasizing the importance of solutions for this issue. GMJ is determined to help improve patient post-operative QOL by developing new therapy options.

Expanding Medical U&A sales

  • MeDioStar® Monolith long-term hair reduction diode laser for medical applicationsMeDioStar® Monolith long-term hair reduction diode laser for medical applicationsMeDioStar® Monolith long-term hair reduction diode laser for medical applications
  • Since its founding in 1983, Medical U&A, Inc. (MUA) has provided transformative medical devices mainly in the areas of plastic surgery and neurosurgery. Major product lines include titanium and bioabsorbable bone fixation devices, bruise treatment laser, materials for pectus excavatum repair, long-term hair reduction diode laser, the gel-filled breast implant, and ultrasonic debridement device. These devices have made significant contributions to the advancement of medical technologies. In particular, MUA’s bioabsorbable bone fixation device has an excellent track record of 30,000-plus usage cases and has been steadily earning trust from many doctors. In 2018, MUA received pharmaceutical approval for using its long-term hair reduction diode laser as a medical device and commenced its sales in Japan. MUA joined the Gunze Group in 2019 and since Gunze and MUA handle products in the same categories, merging MUA’s powerful sales channels with Gunze’s superior medical device development capabilities holds excellent promise for developing products and services that will be able to contribute even more to improving QOL for patients.