Looking ahead to the future
-Participation in Keidanren’s "Challenge Zero"

Challenge to innovate towards a decarbonized society

In December 2019, Gunze set the “Basic Policy for Plastic Resource Circulation” and clarified the 12th goal of the SDGs, "RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION." At the moment, our efforts are centered on the plastics business, but we will expand our efforts to the apparel business and promote it throughout the Gunze Group in the future. The challenging items are to reduce the amount of plastic and apparel textile waste discharged in the manufacturing process to the utmost limit by accurately forecasting and optimizing design, and to reuse resources such as re-oiling and re-pelletizing waste plastic. Furthermore, we will reduce our environmental impact by replacing petroleum-derived raw materials with natural materials such as plant-derived raw materials, as well as reducing weights by thinning the film and making packages more compact. Through these challenges, the resources used in both industries will be circulated as much as possible, and CO₂ emissions will be significantly reduced. In addition, we will contribute to the realization of zero emissions * by promoting the active absorption and solidification of CO₂ by expanding our green business and environmental materials business. Gunze has participated in the project "Challenge Zero (Challenge Net Zero Carbon Innovation)" led by the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) in 2020. “Challenge Zero” is an activity in which companies and organizations are challenged to boldly innovate new technologies and implement them towards the realization of a decarbonized society in line with the goal of the Paris Agreement which is an international framework for measures against climate change. Through deploying innovative technologies with the goal of 2050, we will further deepen business collaboration and take on the challenge of major initiatives towards “Challenge Zero”.

* Zero emission: A resource-recycling social system that does not generate any waste by effectively using all kinds of waste as raw material

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