Environmental Strategies

Corporate Officer General Manager of the Technology & Development Department Tomohisa OkudaCorporate Officer General Manager of the Technology & Development Department Tomohisa Okuda
Corporate Officer
General Manager of the Technology & Development Department
Tomohisa Okuda

Aware of our responsibility to preserve the earth for future generations, the Gunze Group is committed to building a prosperous global society based on sustainable development. As a corporate citizen, our efforts in support of this goal include vigorously addressing environmental issues to minimize the impact of our activities. In line with our founding philosophy of striving for harmonious coexistence with all stakeholders, we are contributing toward developing a truly affluent global society by providing environmentally friendly products and services. Toward this end, by adding the Gunze Environmental Charter to our action guidelines, we are focusing on initiatives linked to sustainable management.

Curbing greenhouse gas emissions (Reducing CO₂ emissions)

CO₂ emission reduction roadmapCO₂ emission reduction roadmap

* A new target will be set in the next medium-term management plan to be launched in the next fiscal year.

The Ministry of the Environment has set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 26.0% in FY2030 compared to FY2013 to 1,042 MT-CO₂. To meet this target, the Gunze Group will promote CO₂ emission reductions by adopting various measures and technologies to overcome technical restrictions and cost issues.

CO₂ reduction measures

The Gunze Group will take the following measures to reduce CO₂ emissions.

Energy savingReducing energy consumption by updating equipment to increase energy efficiency

Shifting to low CO₂ emission fuels
We are replacing heavy fuel A, which emits large amounts of CO₂, with fuels that realize lower CO₂ emissions such as city gas, LPG, and LNG. We are also considering electrification through gasification.
Shifting to higher efficiency utility equipment
We will strengthen our CO₂ emission reduction effort by installing more efficient boilers and air conditioners.
Switching to energy-efficient LEDs
In the interest of reducing CO₂ emissions, we are switching to LED lighting, which minimizes power consumption.
Energy-saving through new airtight structures with higher heat insulation
Highly insulted, airtight buildings improve air-conditioning efficiency, which reduces energy consumption, utility costs, and CO₂ emissions.
Visualizing energy use with FEMS (Factory Energy Management System
Using IoT for visualization/analysis of energy usage, Gunze will eliminate unnecessary energy consumption to reduce energy costs and CO₂ emissions.

Energy creationAdopting renewable energy sources such as solar power to reduce power usage through self-consumption

Expanding solar energy use and deploying energy storage technology
These measures have been taken at Fukushima Plastics, Konan Factory, and Utsunomiya Distribution Center, with deployment at Moriyama Factory scheduled for 2024.
new Moriyama Factorynew Moriyama Factory

Energy recyclingUse of CO₂-free menu*

Promoting use of renewable energy sources free from CO₂ emissions during power generation (zero CO₂ emission coefficient)
* CO₂-free menu: Sales of CO₂-free electricity by utility companies

Development of technology for lessening environmental impacts (environmentally friendly dyeing technology in fiber processing)

The dyeing of fibers used in innerwear, stockings, and sewing threads consumes large amounts of water and energy (electricity and other fuels) for coloring and creating appealing texture. Gunze aims to establish eco-friendly dyeing technologies to significantly reduce the washing temperature and the amount of water used.

Acquisition of ISO14001 certification
Gunze has established an environmental management system that meets the requirements of ISO14001, as we strive to strengthen our environmental management framework and continuously improve our environmental performance. Twenty-four of the Gunze Group’s offices/facilities have been ISO14001 certified as of March 31, 2021.