Global Environment

Aware of our social obligation to preserve the environment, we strive to harmoniously coexist with the global environment as we supply environmentally sound products and services to society.

Basic Policy for Plastic Resource Circulation

The problem of marine plastic waste is growing worldwide, and waste problems have worsened, particularly in emerging nations. This has led to stricter regulations for single-use and disposable plastics. Compliance with these regulations is also required by the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. Activities to combat the problem of marine plastic waste are accelerating on a global scale, and GUNZE recognizes its social responsibilities as a company engaged in the manufacture and sale of plastic film packaging materials.

GUNZE proactively implements the “3Rs + Renewable*” initiative for plastics,
to reduce the amount of plastic waste and help build a society
that promotes plastic resource circulation.

As such, we have established the following policies.

  • Reduce the volume of plastics and promote the reuse and recycling of plastic items.
  • Help implement effective and efficient plastic resource circulation through easy-to-classify and easy-to-recycle product design and by aggressively using renewable raw materials.
  • Help reduce the use of petrochemical raw materials by developing products using bio-based materials.
  • Conduct appropriate management of waste, and ensure that production activities have a smaller impact on the environment, so as to fulfill our responsibility as a manufacturer.

* 3Rs + Renewable:
3Rs stands for Reduce (using fewer resources for production and reducing waste), Reuse (using products and parts repeatedly), and Recycle (effectively using waste as raw materials or energy sources). “3Rs + Renewable” means adding the use of renewable resources to the 3Rs initiative.

Gunze Environmental Charter

As part of the global community, we at Gunze are fully aware of our responsibility to safeguard the earth and its resources for future generations. Gunze is a responsible corporate citizen committed to building a prosperous global society that enjoys sustainable development. To support our efforts, we will actively address environmental issues to minimize the environmental impact of our activities and implement necessary measures to improve and maintain the environment. In accepting our social responsibility to help solve environmental problems, we have established a basic environmental philosophy and determined action guidelines.

Basic Environmental Philosophy

By offering environmentally responsible products and services, we aim to contribute to the development of an affluent, sustainable global society. We fully understand our reliance on the gift of nature, so we strive to maintain harmony with the global environment and promote the preservation of biodiversity.

Environmentally Responsible Action Guidelines

  • We will direct our efforts toward minimizing the environmental impact of all our corporate activities, considering the impact on biodiversity inside and outside Japan, and the local communities related to our business.
  • We will comply with all related laws and regulations, but also will strive to upgrade the level of our environmental management by establishing internal voluntary standards.
  • We will promote effective use of resources, including raw materials and energy, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We will reduce waste, and promote recovery and recycling for recirculation of resources.
  • We will promote research and development of environmentally sound products as well as manufacturing and environmental technologies to lessen the environmental impact of our activities.
  • We will implement programs to increase the environmental awareness of our employees, and encourage them to cooperate with and contribute to the environmental preservation efforts of local communities.
  • We will advance environmentally conscious practices, and promote the transfer of environmental technologies to our overseas operations.
  • We will immediately take action to reduce the damage in the event of an environmental accident.

Environmental targets and results

Category Reference year results FY2019 results FY2020 results FY2020 targets Rating FY2021 targets Remarks
CO2 emissions (t-CO2) 109,138
84,975 71,116 84,125 82,931 Calculated using CO2 emissions coefficient for each electric power supplier

Self-assessment rating  ○: Targets 100% achieved △: More than 90% of targets achieved

Environmental Impact of Business Activities

In order to promote harmony with the natural environment, we strive to assess the environmental impact of our business activities and reduce harm to the environment. At the same time, we seek to offer environmentally friendly products and services.

Environmental Impact of Business Activities

Enlarge diagram

Solar power business

To protect the global environment and harmoniously coexist with nature, the Gunze Group started the solar power business in November 2013, taking advantage of the Japanese government's feed-in tariff scheme for renewable energy*.

Power plants Total PV panel area Annual power output CO2 emission reduction Electricity sales launch date
Gunze Utsunomiya Photovoltaic Power Plant (Tochigi Prefecture) Ground-mount: 15,700㎡ 1.4 million kWh/year (can serve 300 average households) 770t/year (equivalent to 150 hectare forests) November 29, 2013
Gunze Fukushima Photovoltaic Power Plant (Fukushima Prefecture) Ground-mount: 9,900㎡, roof: 10,500㎡ 1.73 million kWh/year (can serve 370 average households) 940t/year (equivalent to 190 hectare forests) January 24, 2014
Gunze Konan Photovoltaic Power Plant (Aichi Prefecture) Roof: 4,300㎡ 320,000kWh/year (can serve 70 average households) 170t/year (equivalent to 30 hectare forests) October 28, 2014

Renewable energy represents energy generated from natural sources such as sunlight or solar heat, wind, water, geothermal heat, and various forms of biomass. This energy is not exhausted and is constantly renewed.

  • Gunze Utsunomiya Photovoltaic Power Plant (Tochigi Prefecture)

    Gunze Utsunomiya Photovoltaic Power Plant
    (Tochigi Prefecture)

  • Gunze Fukushima Photovoltaic Power Plant (Fukushima Prefecture)

    Gunze Fukushima Photovoltaic Power Plant
    (Fukushima Prefecture)

  • Gunze Konan Photovoltaic Power Plant (Aichi Prefecture)

    Gunze Konan Photovoltaic Power Plant
    (Aichi Prefecture)

Environmental Data

CO2 emissions

Changes in CO2 emissions

Organic water pollutant (BOD) emissions

Changes in organic water pollutant (BOD) emissions

ISO 14001 certified sites

Registered organization Number of sites in Japan Name of sites
1 Electronic Components Division
Kameoka Factory
  • ・Electronic Components Division
2 Gunze Packaging Systems Co., Ltd. Moriyama Factory 1
  • ・Gunze Packaging Systems Co., Ltd. Moriyama Factory
3 Inner Wear Divisions Group, Apparel Company 5
  • ・Miyazu Factory
  • ・Kuse Factory
  • ・Yanase Factory
  • ・Yabu Apparel Ltd.
  • ・Tohoku Gunze Co., Ltd.
4 Tsuyama Gunze Co., Ltd. 1 Tsuyama Gunze Co., Ltd.
5 Moriyama Area Office 3
  • ・Moriyama Factory
  • ・Research & Development Department, Shiga
  • ・Ozu Manufacturing Center Co., Ltd.
6 Engineering Plastics Division
Konan Factory
  • ・Konan Factory
  • ・Ayabe Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.
7 Fukushima Plastics Co., Ltd. 2
  • ・Fukushima Plastics Co., Ltd.
  • ・Fukushima Gravure Co., Ltd.
8 Gunze Kobunshi Corp. 1 ・Gunze Kobunshi Corp.
9 Gunze Distribution Co., Ltd. 1 ・Gunze Distribution Co., Ltd.