Business partners

With our motto of “maintaining harmonious coexistence” as stated in our founding philosophy, we will work together with our suppliers and business partners under a fair and equitable relationship as we strive to enhance the quality and safety of our products.

For Fair and Equitable Transactions

At the Gunze Group, each business division makes arrangements to ensure that all of its business activities are conducted based on fair and free competition by observing laws and social rules and maintaining high standards of corporate ethics.

Attitude toward Antisocial Forces

The Gunze Group takes a firm stand against antisocial organizations and groups that threaten the public order and security. We will refuse any of their demands, and will not have any interaction whatsoever with them. In particular, we will hold firm on our policy of refusing any demands for money or gifts that infringe upon the Commercial Code, or donations, membership fees, purchase of books or other materials, or provision of information that may result in unjustified benefits. In our relationships with suppliers as well, we have reviewed the Gunze Group Supplier Code of Conduct and updated it to include the provision regarding the elimination of antisocial forces in business contracts with suppliers.

Gunze Group Supplier Code of Conduct

As stipulated in the Gunze Activity Guidelines, the Gunze Group’s basic policy is to comply with fair and internationally accepted rules as we conduct business activities. The Gunze Group Supplier Code of Conduct declares that Gunze expects its suppliers and business partners to accept and uphold the Group’s policies concerning legal and regulatory compliance, development and supply of safe, beneficial products and services, environmental preservation, and respect for human rights, personality, and individuality.

  • Legal and regulatory compliance

    • We promote corporate activities through fair and free competition by strictly observing social rules.
    • We adhere to applicable laws and regulations and maintain sound ethics, avoiding any antisocial behavior.
    • We observe international rules, while respecting the culture and conventions of each country of operation, so as to promote corporate activities that earn a high reputation.
  • Supply of quality products

    • We maintain a commitment to develop and supply socially beneficial and safe products and services.
  • Environmental preservation

    • We actively address environmental issues as we conduct corporate activities, and strive to promote harmonious coexistence with the global environment.
  • Human rights

    • We respect human rights and individual character, and never engage in discrimination based on ethnic group, nationality, gender, or other non-performance-related attributes in hiring and employment practices.
    • We never use child, forced or compulsory labor, nor do we engage in unjust and inhumane labor practices, including harsh punishment.
    • We recognize and respect the rights of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining, unless where prohibited by law.
  • Labor practices

    • We provide a safe and healthy working environment, by giving due consideration to employees’ health.
    • We comply with all applicable laws in the country of operation concerning hours of work, wages, and employee benefits.
  • Confidential information and intellectual property

    • We take appropriate measures to prevent leakage of confidential or personal information, including technological or trade information obtained or accessed through business transactions, and we respect intellectual property rights.
  • Gifts and entertainment

    • We do not offer money, gifts, or entertainment for the purpose of receiving unjustified benefits.

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