Gunze Medical Devices

Utilizing Gunze’s proprietary
technology, our medical division
develops and manufactures
medical devices for use
primarily in surgery.


April 1, 2022
The website has been renewed

Who is Gunze?

Gunze is a deep-rooted Japanese clothing manufacturer.
We cultivated expertise and technology throughout our long history, which we apply in our medical devices/materials.

About Us

Medical Devices that

Our medical devices like; sutures, reinforcement felt, artificial dermis, and artificial dural substitute; are centered around bioabsorbability.

Product Information

Gunze's Technology
goes Global

In 1985, Gunze began its research and development of medical devices, which are now in use around the world. Our company has gone from its humble beginning in Ayabe, a small town north of Kyoto, to servicing healthcare facilities worldwide.

Business Outline/History