Comfort Solutions for Life

In the plastic film business,

the company has transformed itself into a circular manufacturer

with the aim of realizing a society in which plastic.

Integrate R&D and sales to further grow our business.

Creating a better future for patients

by providing innovative biomaterials and devices.

Thoroughly committed to the quality of making excellent products,

whether it's day 1, day 100, stay comfortable.


The Gunze Group has four main business areas.
GUNZE is engaged in the development of unique technologies in a wide range of markets.
Through our products and services, the company continues to provide "Comfort Solutions for Life" to as many customers as possible.

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About Us

Gunze contributes to realizing a sustainable society through products and services that are people- and earth-friendly.

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Create new value and deliver a "Comfort Solutions for Life" to customers, contributing to a sustainable society with the keyword "Change and Challenge".