Enhancement of QOL

Gunze aims to achieve growth in the health and medical care field in order to help enhance people’s quality of life (QOL).
With the rapid increase in the elderly population in Japan, reducing the gap between the average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy is one of the nation’s major challenges. Healthy longevity improves QOL and helps people live fulfilling and rewarding lives. This has become a major issue worldwide.

Gunze’s activities intended to enhance QOL are centered on the medical field.
Our bioabsorbable materials such as surgical suture thread have been used in clinical settings for a long time. The R&D for these materials to seek new applications in the field of advanced medical treatment is paving the way for tissue engineering.

In the apparel business, Gunze has also been active in R&D for underwear and innerwear based on physical anthropology.

GUNZE takes on the challenge of pioneering a new field of “medical care through wear,” designed to help patients relieve pain or discomfort through suitable clothing.
Going forward, Gunze will promote innerwear products with minimal skin irritation by paying attention to skin-related technology, in order to help alleviate various skin problems.

Seamless innerwearUse of special adhesives eliminates stitches, thus proving more gentle and comfortable to the skin.
Seminars for nursesGunze staff helps nurses understand the importance of postoperative care, so they can in turn inform patients of Gunze’s concept of “medical care through wear” in an easy-to-understand manner.