Technology Strategy


R&D System

Plastic Films

In the plastic films field, Gunze mainly supplies films laminated with different materials to produce characteristics not replicated by other companies.Since laminated films need to be separated when they are recycled, we are developing separation and other technologies that control quality of recycled raw materials.


MedicalTo date, our medical business has focused on the development of medical devices that specialize in bioabsorbable materials. This is a major strength and core technology of our business. Going forward, we will continue to give top priority to development that takes advantage of this strength. In addition, we intend to expand our core technology by taking on the challenge of developing biomaterials and medical electronic devices utilizing our expertise in bioabsorbable materials.


We will develop automation factories both in Japan and overseas using digital technology promoted as a means to strengthen our corporate constitution. In addition, we secure market superiority through high value-added technology and develop new products as a technology-oriented company. We also conduct agile process innovation by seamlessly linking sales, production, and supply through the construction of an SCM platform system.

Innovation through processing technologies