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FeatureGunze Engineering Business contributes to
environmental efforts by using its expertise in
energy conservation diagnostics and other environmental measures.
Through the use of engineering technology we have developed over many years, Gunze has acquired experience and knowhow in energy and resource conservation and productive maintenance-related diagnoses. These days, when commitment to environmental issues determines a company’s rating, Gunze’s engineering technologies not only promote energy conservation but also superior functionality, comfort, and convenience, thus finding uses in various fields.
Gunze’s Engineering Business
ESCO Business/Energy-saving Diagnosis
ESCO stands for “Energy Service Company” and refers to a service designed to improve the energy efficiency of facilities without damaging the existing environment, and guarantee outcomes of energy-saving measures. Our ESCO business comprehensively offers technology, equipment, and funds needed for energy conservation. Also, depending on the contract, a customer’s financial burden can be minimized, eliminating the need for initial investments.

By diagnosing the energy efficiency of a customer’s factories and buildings, Gunze suggests customized energy-saving plans. Outside Japan, Gunze also offers assistance in energy conservation and demand management (CDM).
Thermal Insulation Materials
Four types of thermal insulation materials are available from Gunze.
In particular, Gunze serves as a dependable partner for improving the energy efficiency of molding machines and facilities using high-temperature processes.
Gunze Eco Cover
This removable heater insulation cover is used in injection molding machines and excluders for plastics.
Aero Gel
This high-performance nanotechnology-based insulation material is suitable for various pipes, flat surfaces, wall surfaces, and products.
Aero Jacket
This heat-retention jacket incorporates Aero Gel for use in heat retention and insulation of outdoor-installed valves and other equipment.
This heat-retention cover is employed for heat retention and insulation of steam valves, flanges, etc.
Solar Power Generation System
As society calls for more efforts to conserve energy and reduce CO2 emissions, solar power systems are garnering growing attention.
Gunze provides a one-stop service for public and industrial solar power systems, covering planning, design, installation—all the way through to maintenance.
Utilizing our accumulated technology and knowhow, we are ready to propose a solar power system that ideally fits each customer’s requirements.
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