Engineering Plastics Business

FeatureGunze Engineering Plastics Division provides "Comfort Solutions for Life" with excellent quality products that meet customer needs.
Gunze manufactures and markets functional components used in photocopiers, printers, and other office equipment. These components have also been adopted for industrial manufacturing processes.
Our thin-walled PFA tubes for fuser rollers/belts and transfer belts have brought innovation to the office automation market, enabling excellent quality image printing. Designed to satisfy a wide range of customer requirements, our high-quality functional components for industrial applications help maintain the quality of products with stain-resistant properties.
Even with components that work behind the scenes, Gunze’s engineering plastics provide a “feeling of comfort.”
Engineering Plastics Division
① PFA Tubes for Fuser Rollers/BeltsThese tubes protect roller and belt surfaces from heat and stain by leveraging the unique properties of fluoro resin.
② Transfer BeltThis photocopier component collects four color toners and transfers them onto paper. Our transfer belt features uniform quality, surface smoothness, and improved stability in electrical resistance.
Gunze’s Engineering Plastics Business
Small-diameter Fluoro Resin Heat-shrinkable Tube
fluororesin_small-diameter_high_shrinkage_tubeMain Products:
EIT-S (Small-diameter Fluoro Resin Heat-shrinkable Tube)
EIT-SR (Small-diameter Fluoro Resin Heat-shrinkable Tube with Tearability)
This is a new product with a smaller diameter and a higher shrinkage rate compared to our conventional heat-shrinkable tubes. Another type with added tearability is also available.
Fluoro Resin Heat-shrinkable Tubes
fluorine_shrink_tubeMain Products:
TST (Fluoro Resin Heat-shrinkable Tube)
GRC (Heat-shrinkable Tube Made from PFA/FEP Fluoro Resin)
GRC-PB (Antistatic Heat-shrinkable Tube Made from PFA Fluoro Resin)
EIT (Small-diameter Fluoro Resin Heat-shrinkable Tube)
These heat-shrinkable tubes made from PFA/FEP fluoro resin offer excellent non-adhesive property, high heat resistance, and electrical insulation properties. These tubes are ideally suited for various mold release applications as well as for roller coverings and heat-resistant insulators. PEEK heat-shrinkable tubes are also available.
Thin-walled Fluoro Resin Tubes
fluorine_thin_tubeMain Products:
NST/SMT (Thin-walled Non-shrinkable/Heat-shrinkable Tube Made from PFA Fluoro Resin)
Gunze offers a range of tubes made from PFA or other fluoro resins mainly for rollers of office equipment. These include conductive types, ultra-thin wall types, shrinkable types, and a type with its inner surface etched with liquid ammonia.
Fiber Products
fiber_productsMain Products:
FFY (PFA Filaments)
NET (PFA Mesh Products)
Gunze offers fluoro resin filaments and fiber products produced by taking advantage of its proprietary spinning technology. Gunze can also produce non-fluoro resin products.
Seamless Belts
seamless_beltMain Products:
Engineering Plastics & Seamless Belts
Seamless belts using engineering plastics are versatile enough for many different uses. Gunze can also control the dielectric constant of products or apply surface coating to meet specific requirements.
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Engineering Plastics Division
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