Message from the President

Gunze was founded in 1896 by Tsurukichi Hatano in the district of Ikaruga (now Ayabe City) to promote the local silkworm industry. The founder had an enthusiastic determination to contribute to the development of his hometown community through the promotion of the local silk industry. He believed that this should serve as a policy of Ikaruga, so he named his company Gunze Silk Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (later renamed Gunze Limited), with “Gunze” meaning the “policy of the district” in Japanese.

With the belief that “Good people make good silk yarn,” and “A good conscience produces a yarn of high luster,” Hatano worked hard to strengthen education for female mill workers and other employees. People at that time spoke of the factory as “a factory on the outside but a school on the inside.” This reputation was built by Hatano, who steadfastly followed the policy of respect for people. This policy, as well as the commitment to cultivating and empowering people, has been preserved throughout Gunze’s history and still remains deeply rooted within us all.

The awareness of sustainability has only recently become widespread. In this respect, Gunze was far ahead of its time, as its primary objective was to contribute to the local community. Since then, Gunze has consistently lived up to its founding philosophy, composed of three principles: a people-oriented approach, a commitment to quality, and harmonious coexistence. To use the analogy of weaving, these principles serve as “warp” threads that must remain unchanged, while business operations that must adapt to the changing needs of the times represent “weft” threads. Guided by these principles, the people at Gunze have continuously transformed themselves and taken on new challenges. Going forward, all members of the Gunze Group will remain faithful to the founding philosophy as we move ahead toward the future.

Gunze’s aim is to provide customers with a “Feeling of Comfort” and contribute to the improvement of people’s quality of life through our products and services. With this firm determination, Gunze is committed to enhancing customer satisfaction and corporate value by continuously serving as a company that fulfills the needs of society and that grows sustainably alongside society.

We look forward to your continued support as we pursue this mission.