Threads and Accessories Business

FeatureGunze Threads and Accessories Division is committed to functionality and quality. It also promotes environmentally friendly initiatives such as the use of recycled thread and yarn.
Made with uniform quality using advanced technologies, Gunze’s industrial-grade sewing threads are used for a wide range of clothing and industrial applications. These sewing threads are available in various types with many new functions. Gunze also provides sewing threads for automotive airbags, which require especially high standards of safety. Gunze commands the leading share of the industrial sewing thread market in Japan, and is aiming to expand its market share in China, Indonesia, and the rest of Asia.
Gunze's sewing thread Polina is specially processed to provide a soft and smooth handfeel, thus earning an unequalled reputation from customers as the “one and only” product of its kind.
Gunze’s threads and accessories give users a “feeling of comfort” because of their reliability, durability, and safety.
Threads and Accessories Division
Gunze’s Threads and Accessories Business
Sewing Threads for Clothing
sewing_thread_for_sewing_materialsMain Products:
Gunze Neo
Fine μ
Gunze has developed a wide array of high value-added sewing threads with special functions through its proprietary processing technologies. Made from natural or synthetic fibers, these threads offer superior durability, adequate elasticity, resilience, and good color development, thus helping apparel makers improve production efficiency. A broad lineup of Gunze sewing threads meets a diversity of sewing needs.
Sewing Threads for Industrial Materials
sewing_thread_for_industrial_materialsMain Products:
Gunze’s sewing threads are also used for leather, heavy fabrics, tents, kite strings, and other special applications. Gunze uses various processing technologies to give its products advanced functional properties, including ultrahigh strength, low elongation, heat resistance, electrical insulation, and more, thus meeting a wide range of customer requirements.
Sewing Threads for Automotive Applications
sewing_thread_for_automotive_materialsMain Applications:
Threads for airbags
Threads for seatbelts
Threads for steering covers
Sewing threads for airbags, one of the most important automotive safety components, are subject to the most stringent safety requirements. Gunze’s threads for airbags offer excellent durability that exceeds automakers’ standards, thus earning customer trust and satisfaction.
Division/Factories/Japanese and Overseas Affiliates
Threads and Accessories Division
Affiliates in Japan
Chuo Seni Shizai Co., Ltd.
Tsuyama Gunze Co., Ltd.
Overseas Affiliates
Gunze (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd.Changshu Gunze Accessories Co., Ltd.PT.GUNZE IndonesiaGunze United LimitedGunze Hanoi Co., Ltd.Taicang Gunze New Material Co., LTD.