Management Team

(As of April 1, 2022)


Representative Director, Chairman Atsushi Hirochi
Representative Director, President and President Corporate Officer Toshiyasu Saguchi
Outside Directors Hiroe Nakai
Osamu Kujiraoka
Rie Kida
Directors and Managing Corporate Officer General Manager, Finance & Accounting Department Makoto Kumada
Directors and Corporate Officers General Manager, Research & Development Department Katsuhiko Oikawa
President, Apparel Company Ryouji Kawanishi

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Standing Audit & Supervisory Board Member Tomio Suzuki
Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members Keigo Inoue
Yoshio Suzuka
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Shinichiro Morita

Corporate Officers (who do not act concurrently as a director)

Managing Corporate Officer Representative Director and President,
Gunze Development Co., Ltd
Yasuhiro Akase
General Manager, Engineering Plastics Division Katsuhiko Kimura
General Manager, Corporate Strategy Department Takahiro Oka
Corporate Officers General Manager, Threads & Accessories Division Nobuya Oka
General Manager, Inner Wear Divisions Group, Apparel Company Keita Araki
General Manager, Mechatronics Division Kazunari Saho
General Manager, Technology & Development Department Tomohisa Okuda
Deputy General Manager, Corporate Strategy Department Hiroko Yoshika
President, Plastic Film Company Yuji Hanaoka
Vice President, Plastic Film Company Hirokazu Sawada
General Manager, Medical Division Shojiro Matsuda

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