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FeatureGunze Sports Club Business supports healthy lifestyles through high-quality, community-based services.
Gunze Sports Co., Ltd. operates 22 Sports Clubs nationwide to support physical and mental health and promote well-being through sports. Living up to this mission, Gunze Sports has continued to grow since its establishment in 1984.
By providing services based on sincerity, love, and humility—important elements of Gunze’s philosophy—Gunze Sports strives to create sports clubs that encourage customers to pursue fitness with complete confidence and enthusiasm.
Gunze’s Sports Club
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A range of studio workout programs is available for shaping up, improving physical conditions, and relaxation. Gunze Sports Clubs are also equipped with a selection of gym equipment as well as a swimming pool, offering a comprehensive range of services and programs that can be matched to each customer’s goals and lifestyle.
Junior School
Gunze Sports Clubs are fully committed to promoting physical and mental development of children through sporting activities. In Gunze Sports Schools, children of different ages take lessons and practice together, thus learning leadership and cooperation with others in a children’s community that is different from typical school communities.
School Education
Gunze Sports School’s educational philosophy is composed of “Three disciplines,” which have remained as important elements that guide the behavior of Gunze’s employees since the company’s inception. The school helps children develop habits of consideration for others through action, and self-discipline through sports. This helps nurture a cooperative and active spirit among children, leading to the cultivation of well-rounded characters and leadership.
~Three Disciplines~
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