Social Media Policy

Our Policies on Social Media

The following social media policy defines the attitudes and behaviors for using the Gunze group's official media accounts.

Gunze's Basic Policy

When using social media, employees of the Gunze Group shall comply with laws and regulations as well as the Gunze Group's Code of Conduct, and as responsible members of society shall discipline ourselves to ensure that our words and actions do not deviate from social common sense and shall strive to disseminate information in an appropriate manner.


Understanding Media Characteristics and Mindset for Social Media

Employees shall act responsibly with understanding of the followings for use of social media:

(1) Posted information can be accessed by an indeterminate number of users.
(2) Once information has been posted, it cannot be completely deleted.
(3) Comply with laws and regulations. In particular, copyrights, portrait rights, and other intellectual property rights of third parties shall not be infringed.
Do not damage the reputation of third parties through slander.

Request to Social Media Users

Information posted on social media, including our official accounts, is not necessarily equal to Gunze‘s official announcement and does not represent Gunze’s official position.