Commercial Facility Development Business

FeatureGunze Commercial Development Business provides "Comfort Solutions for Life" lifestyles through services that are close to people.
Gunze develops and operates commercial facilities with the goal of promoting the development of regional communities and enhancing the comfort of their residents. By establishing new commercial facilities on its old factory sites or other facility sites, Gunze aims to provide local residents with comfortable environments for shopping and dining.
Gunze Town Center TSUKASHiN is one of the largest shopping complexes in the Kansai area. The spacious area blends well with nature, and houses about 200 tenant shops handling food, fashion, accessories, services, dining, amusement, and more. TSUKASHiN also includes a natural spa, large-scale sports club, culture school, clinics, and even a church to offer services that are tailored to local residents’ needs. Various family events are also organized to stimulate communication with customers.
4-8-1, Tsukaguchihonmachi, Amagasaki, Hyogo 661-0001, Japan
TEL: 81(6) 6420-3300
Gunze Town Center TSUKASHiN
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Spacious Commercial Facility
With a spacious area of 73,000 square meters, Gunze Town Center TSUKASHiN is more than five times as large as Koshien stadium. It was established in Amagasaki, Hyogo prefecture with the concept of a “lifestyle center” intended to comprehensively support customers’ lifestyles. TSUKASHiN aims to continuously earn popularity from local residents as a shopping center deeply rooted in the community.
Four Tenant Zones
This shopping complex comprises four tenant zones—the Dining Mall with many specialty food stores: the Romantic Mall featuring fashion boutiques targeting each age group; the Power Mall with stores handling household appliances, furniture, and other large-scale interior goods; and the Garden Mall, which houses a variety of gourmet restaurants. Together, Gunze Town Center TSUKASHiN provides a comprehensive range of items that satisfy virtually all lifestyle needs.
Community-oriented Facilities
TSUKASHiN provides a variety of services that fulfill everyday needs with its community-oriented facilities, such as a sports club, natural spa, culture school, and various clinics. By holding family events and regional festivals such as a Bon festival dance in the summer and a Christmas celebration, TSUKASHiN is committed to enhancing interaction with local residents.
German-style Architectural Design with Exotic Mood
The Carillon Garden courtyard provides shoppers with relaxation blessed with the bounties of nature, with the sounds of the fountain and music played by the giant carillon. Its exotic mood is further stimulated by the unique architectural design with German taste that emulates streets in Augsburg, Germany, a sister city of Amagasaki City.
Gunze’s natural spa located within the TSUKASHiN shopping complex in Amagasaki, Hyogo prefecture is perfect for a single-day trip, offering many different kinds of baths, including an open-air rock bath, carbonated nano-bubble bath, and stone-bed sauna.
4-8-12, Tsukaguchihonmachi, Amagasaki, Hyogo 661-0001, Japan
TEL: 81(6) 6423-4426
※This site is written in Japanese.
Open-air Bath
The Yunokaro open-air bath uses water flowing directly from the hot spring source 1,001 meters below the ground. Under the big sky, the open-air bath lets customers enjoy comfortable warmth and maximum relaxation in a beautiful natural setting.
Indoor Baths
Yunokaro spa’s water is soft and gentle on the skin. Aesthetic baths include a carbonated nano-bubble bath that feels like a cosmetic lotion, and an aesthetic Jacuzzi bath, to offer refreshment for the skin, body, and mind.
Stone-bed Sauna
Yunokaro has a variety of sauna baths, such as a salt sauna, mist sauna, and stone-bed sauna, along with an ordinary sauna, providing different benefits to choose from.
"Ondan room" Warm room
The "Ondan room" is completely air-conditioned to maintain a normal temperature of 2 to 3 degrees Celsius, and helps to maintain the deep body temperature warmed by bathing, thereby improving metabolism.
It is expected to be very effective not only for health and beauty, but also for "sensitivity to cold", which is unique to women.
You can enjoy the bath in any style you like: by the fireplace with flickering flames, leaning on the sofa, or lying on the Ryukyu Tatami mats. Please enjoy the warming time to your heart's content in your own style.
This shopping mall in Saitama prefecture is directly linked to the JR Konosu Station for convenient access.
With a supermarket at its core, this shopping mall houses many shops handling fashion and daily goods, as well as restaurants and amusement facilities. It also offers convenient services supporting everyday shopping and dining for local citizens.
1-1-2, Honcho, Konosu, Saitama 365-0038, Japan
TEL: 81(48) 540-7101
Elumi Kounosu Shopping Mall
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