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FeatureGunze Apparel Company pursues "Comfort Solutions for Life" in its apparel products because they are in direct contact with people's skin, and delivers products in which customers can truly feel comfortable.
We support comfortable living through innerwear, legwear and lifestyle wear that are close to our customers' daily lives.

Gunze Apparel Concept

Our goal is to make everyone's daily life 1% more comfortable.
Making the everyday lives of wearers 1% happier
Our products make normal, everyday life just 1% happier.
Yet this 1% is by no means insignificant.
Instead, the power of 1% makes the normal, everyday life of the wearer happier throughout their life, regardless of age or gender.

This is the strength of a comfortable feel.

We have continuously pursued a comfortable feel.
And we aim to achieve a new level of comfortable feel in the future.
We are therefore more committed than ever to comfortable feel in
order to address the diversifying range of customer needs.
Gunze’s Apparel Business
Main Brands

BODY WILDBODY WILDHigh-fashion BODY WILD innerwear sets itself apart from others with its cool, trendy designs and wearing comfort.
YGYGYG innerwear provides a natural fit that gently embraces a man’s body.
SEEKSEEKSEEK presents high-quality styling and maximum comfort for innerwear, meeting the discerning tastes of fashion-conscious men.
KIREILABOKIREILABOKIREILABO is soft and gentle even on sensitive skin.
TuchéTuchéTuché innerwear line gives a woman the freedom to be herself.
SAiSAiEthical innerwear for me and our future. "SAi"
快適工房Kaiteki KoboKaiteki Kobo features superior quality, wearing comfort, and cleanness that lasts.
COOLMAGICCOOLMAGICThe magic of summer comfort in Japan. "COOLMAGIC"
COOLMAGICHOTMAGICHOTMAGIC provides comfortable warmth plus many other benefits.
lucky_item&prayer_for_successMediCureMediCure minimizes skin irritation, and was specially developed for those with sensitive skin.
lucky_item&prayer_for_successSABRINAFunctional SABRINA pantyhose combines high strength and attractive appearance with a smooth texture, offering beauty and comfort for fashion-conscious women.
lucky_item&prayer_for_successKAIMIN NAVISleep life products in Gunze. Pajamas for comfortable sleep based on scientific sleep research. "Kaiminnavi"
Business Divisions/Factories/Affiliates in Japan/Overseas Affiliates
Business Divisions
Apparel Company
Apparel Company Miyazu FactoryApparel Company Yanase Factory
Affiliates in Japan
Tohoku Gunze Co., Ltd.Yabu Apparel Ltd.Kyushu Gunze Co., Ltd.Hyogo Gunze Co., Ltd.Okuda Ltd.Gunze Distribution Co., Ltd.Yajima Tsusho Co., Ltd.
Overseas Affiliates
Gunze(Vietnam) Co., Ltd.Thai Gunze Co., Ltd.DALIAN GUNZE FASHION GARMENTS CO.,LTD.PT.Gunze Socks IndonesiaPT.RICKY GUNZEJinan Gunze Apparel Co., Ltd.Gunze China Ltd.Beijing Aimer Gunze Apparel Ltd.