Management Philosophy

With the aim to give back to the society in which we operate, Gunze is determined to be a responsible corporate citizen by adhering to our founding philosophy that underscores a people-oriented approach, a commitment to quality, and coexistence.

Striving for harmonious coexistence with all stakeholders surrounding the company through a people-oriented approach and a commitment to quality. Striving for harmonious coexistence with all stakeholders surrounding the company through a people-oriented approach and a commitment to quality.


  • Contribute to society through the supply of quality products
  • Operate with integrity to build strong relationships with our customers and associates
  • Aim at global leader by utilizing youthful energy and creativity


Chapter 1Gunze endeavors to contribute to society through its corporate activities and to fulfill its responsibility as a corporate citizen.
1.  We shall develop useful and safe products and services for society, and deliver relief and satisfaction to our customers.
2.  We shall proactively pursue environmental issues in our corporate activities, and work to co-exist with the Earth.
3.  We shall support and participate in community activities as well as social activities, and contribute to society.
4.  We shall educate and enlighten all company members so that they can be good corporate people and working people. We shall respect human rights, personality and individuality in all corporate activities.
5.  We shall value communication with society, and disclose corporate information in a positive and fair manner, to ensure transparency.
Chapter 2 Gunze is determined to promote activities in conformance with fair and internationally accepted rules.
1.  We shall comply with the rules of society, and conduct business activities in a fair and free competition.
2.  We shall comply with the law and have high ethical standards, and will not condone antisocial or illegal behavior.
3.  To antisocial organizations or to antisocial forces, we shall show a resolute attitude and take a firm stance to eliminate them.
4.  We shall comply with international rules, respect the culture and customs of the countries concerned, and conduct business activities that earn trust.
5.  When a problem occurs within the company, the top management shall in a timely manner conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause, clarify responsibilities, and take strict action in accordance with the regulations, along with the measures necessary to prevent a recurrence, and disclose the information in and out on a timely and accurate basis.
Chapter 3 Gunze shall vigorously accept any challenges and meet them with a sensible course of action.
1.  We shall work quickly with self-awareness and responsibility in order to think about the customers' point of view at all times and to meet their expectations.
2.  We shall pursue proper management of the information and property of the company, and conduct ourselves as a member of society with common sense who does not allow oneself or others to behave dishonestly or mix private and public matters. When we recognize a situation against the Code of Conduct, we shall transmit the information quickly to stakeholders including the top management.
3.  In order to realize corporate objectives and our own dream, we shall study energetically through self-development training, suggestion or discussion, and challenge ourselves bravely without fear of failure.
4.  We shall participate in social and community activities actively as a citizen, and build friendly relations with society.
5.  We shall value compassion and assistance, and respect the human rights of each other.

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