A Challenge to Realize Zero Waste

Gunze is dedicated to tackle environmental
issues toward the realization of a sustainable society.

Our Contribution towards Sustainability

01Reduce Petrochemical Raw Material Usage

In the midst of the climate crisis and resource supply constraints, it is necessary to make efforts toward building a low-carbon and circulating society for the future.
At Gunze, we are developing products made of low density materials while maintaining the functions. We also improve the recyclability of containers by making films easy to separate, and increase the amount of renewable resources.

02Reduce Food Loss

Recently, refrigerated distribution (cold chain) has gained popularity to extend the shelf life of food, while the package burden due to the low temperature has become large.
Furthermore, since the pre-cut vegetables market has expanded widely, the disposal of expired fresh vegetables at stores is considered as a problem.
At Gunze, we save the quality of food by reducing pinholes under the low temperature, and food waste from impairing the product value.

03Resource Efficiency

As an alternative to the conventional "mass production / mass consumption" linear economy, we preserve and maintain the value of products and the resources for a long time by minimizing the occurrence of waste. Moriyama Factory located in Shiga Prefecture, which is the main factory of manufacturing plastic film, will change into a resource circulating factory and we will aim to build the recycling society.

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