About Gunze and the Medical Division

About Gunze

Gunze Limited has a long history dating back to 1896, when it was founded in Kyoto, Japan to promote the silk yarn industry.

Gunze consists of three divisions: its Apparel business, which manufactures products such as innerwear and legwear; its Lifestyle Creations business, which includes commercial facility development, landscaping and greening, and other enterprises; and its Functional Solutions business, which deals in products such as plastic films and medical materials.

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About Gunze’s Medical Division

By utilizing our textile processing technology and expertise cultivated over decades in the apparel field, the Medical Division dedicates itself to the research and development of medical devices. Our primary focus is on bioabsorbable products/materials. We develop them based on the findings and input of medical professionals.
We will continue to improve the “Quality of Life” of individuals medically, by leveraging Gunze’s signature technologies and ideas.