Medium-term Management Plan

Outline of Medium-term Management Plan "CAN 20"

GUNZE has formulated its seven-year Medium-term Management Plan, called "CAN 20," to be in place through fiscal 2020. In the "CAN 20" plan, the key concept is "Focus and Concentration." The planning period is divided into the first phase (fiscal 2014 through fiscal 2016) and the second phase (fiscal 2017 through fiscal 2020). GUNZE will strive to realize the Group management vision.

Plan name

"CAN 20" (CAN Twenty)

Key concept

Focus & Concentration


7 years (FY2014 – FY2020)

1st Phase FY2014 – FY2016
2nd Phase FY2017 – FY2020

2020 Management Vision

Gunze contributes to society as a global company that provides customers with a special type of “comfort” which only Gunze can offer,by further reinforcing its strength.

2020 Management Objective

Set the health and medical-related fields that help improve the quality of life of people as the core source of growth, and have each business establish a “one-of-a-kind” position in the industry in its respective field through focus and concentration.