Gunze’s Mechatronics Business

Gunze designs, manufactures, and markets labor-saving machines and equipment for packaging, printing, dairy, beverage, food processing, pharmaceutical and other industries. By drawing on our technologies, as well as the trust we have earned in various production sites, we strive to offer solutions for issues customers face. Our equipment helps customers increase production efficiency and productivity through automation, while also contributing to the development of eco-friendly products.

Packaging and Packing Machines

Developed to satisfy a wide variety of packing needs, our packing machines automate all processes from making bags to packing and sealing, contributing to more efficient packing processes in many different industries.

Bag Making and Packing Machine
Our bag-making and packing machine automatically handles a series of processes from making bags from a film roll to packing and sealing at high speeds.

Bag-making and Packing Machine

Post press Equipment for printing industry

Over many years, Gunze has been supplying labor saving machines for printing industries as post press equipment for commercial web offset presses inside and outside of Japan. We have installed more than 4,000 stacker bundlers which stack and strap the printed products since we developed it in 1973.

Stacker Bundler
The Stacker Bundler stacks, aligns, and straps the products which delivered from web offset presses.


Equipment for Dairy, Beverage and Food products

Since Gunze started manufacturing and sales of washing machine in 1955, we have been responding the various needs of customers with our reliable washing and handling technologies. Our case washer and carton caser are receiving their good reviews from Daily, Beverage and Food products industries.

Label Stripping Case Washer
Our label stripping case washer is designed to remove address labels while washing plastic cases.

Label Stripping Case Washer

Equipment for Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Gunze high-accuracy machines can be integrated into various production lines, thus expanding uses into the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics fields.

Rotating Positioner
The rotating positioner is used to orient to each container to face the required direction while rotating the containers at high speed, so that labels or straw are sticked on each container consistently at the same position.

Rotating Positioner