Management Vision

Medium-term Management Plan

Gunze’s medium-term management plan, called “CAN 20,” targets the seven years leading up to fiscal 2020. That year will mark the 125th anniversary of Gunze’s founding.

Name of the Plan CAN 20
Key Concept Focus and Concentration
Period Seven years from Fiscal 2014 (119th term) to Fiscal 2020 (125th term)

Gunze Group Management Vision

2020 Management Vision
Gunze contributes to society as a global company that provides customers with a special type of “comfort” which only Gunze can offer,by further reinforcing its strength.
2020 Management Objective
Set the health and medical-related fields that help improve the quality of life of people as the core source of growth, and have each business establish a “one-of-a-kind” position in the industry in its respective field through focus and concentration.

“CAN 20” Fundamental Strategy for the 2nd Phase

  • Business strategy in each segment

    • Revive growth in the Functional Solutions Business
    • Accelerate growth in the Apparel Business
    • Steady expansion of the Lifestyle Creation Business
  • Creation of new business

    • Promote commercialization of 1st phase projects
    • Expand business by Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Construct a mechanism to create new business themes
  • Reinforcement of management foundation

    • Improve competitiveness by strengthening manufacturing base
    • Strengthen management foundation