Gunze launches "Purewrap™ FS35NB & FS40NB" thin coextruded blown film for vacuum packaging of boilable that can reduce plastic use by 50%

Osaka-Gunze Limited (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan, President: Toshiyasu Saguchi)[TOKYO:3002] is pleased to announce that the renewal of its ultra-thin and tough blown film, Purewrap, specifically designed for food products requiring transportation in frozen environments. In April 2024, the company will introduce two new types, FS35NB and FS40NB, which are compatible for boiling applications. These innovative additions retain the ultra-thin and tough characteristics that have defined the series thus far, making them more convenient for use in central kitchens and other food processing facilities. Moreover, they contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing plastic usage by approximately 50%.

1. About product launch

The movement toward a plastic-free society is accelerating not only in Japan, but also in the world. After the implementation of "The Plastic Resource Circulation Act" in April 2022, all stakeholders are required to reduce and promote resource recycling in all processes of plastic products, from product design to plastic waste disposal.
In particular, perishable seafood, livestock products and their processed products are often transported in freezing environments, and it is difficult to take measures to reduce plastic due to concerns about strength loss from volume reduction. In January 2022, Gunze launched "Purewrap FS35N Type and FS40N Type", which have more than twice the puncture strength of conventional non-oriented nylon-polyethylene 70µm film, while reducing the amount of plastic used by approximately 50%. This type of film has been used by many customers. The same type has now been renewed as a boilable type, which can be used in a wider range of applications for food products processed in central kitchens for commercial prepared foods and restaurants.
[Recommended Applications]
The company recommends the use of the product for food applications that require transportation in a frozen environment and food processing in central kitchens.  


(Figure: Frozen meatballs for commercial use) (Figure: Frozen Edamame (green soybeans)
for commercial use)

2. About Purewrap

Purewrap is a coextruded blown film with simultaneous biaxial orientation to provide excellent puncture resistance to contents and impact resistance to external surfaces. Our unique raw material compounding, multilayer and orientation technologies have made this nylon-polyethylene blown film flexible with excellent puncture resistance for refrigerated transport.

Product name
Purewrap™ FS35NB & FS40NB
Thickness 35 micron & 39 micron
Pinhole resistance can be maintained more than 2-3 times compared to conventional 70µm coextruded blown film thickness.
Compatible for boiling applications such as heat sterilization and hot water thawing of processed foods in food processing facilities.
Commercially prepared foods, seafood (filleted fish), meat (thighs, slices, bacon), and other processed foods.
Launch date
April, 2024

3. Free sample kits

Free sample kits are available for customers to experience the features of our products. The company can also respond to your requests for custom sizes.

4. About Gunze

Gunze, founded in Kyoto in 1896, is a leading developer and manufacturer of plastic films, engineering plastics, medical devices and apparel. Gunze employs more than 5,200 people in 10 countries worldwide.
The Plastic Film business, established in 1962, has a substantial footprint over 20 countries. It has three manufacturing facilities in Japan, and subsidiaries in the U.S., Vietnam and China. Gunze’s mission will continue to be centered on advancing the quality of life by providing innovative products and solutions.



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