The 47th Gunze Kyoto Model Forest Movement was held

On Saturday, April 6, 2024, the 47th Gunze Kyoto Model Forest Movement was held in Ayabe. Blessed with clear skies, cherry blossoms and azaleas were in full bloom, and a total of 24 people worked in a refreshing environment to clear and pulverize the remaining trees at the Obata Castle ruins.

Gunze has entered into an "Agreement on the Use and Conservation of Forests" with the Kyoto Model Forest Association, and since July 2010, Gunze has been conducting volunteer activities to conserve satoyama in the agreed-upon area in Ayabe City, where Gunze was founded, as the "Kyoto Model Forest Movement in Ayabe" about four times a year. Since 2018, the company has been promoting the Obata Castle Ruins Restoration Project in collaboration with the local Obata Castle Preservation Association, the Satoyama Net Ayabe NPO, the Kyoto Prefectural Forestry University, the Kyoto Prefectural Nakatan Regional Promotion Bureau, and the Ayabe City Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Trade.  



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