Landscaping and Greening Business

FeatureGunze Landscaping and Greening Business provides
"Comfort Solutions for Life" spaces with flowers and greenery.
To enhance our surroundings with abundant flowers and greenery, Gunze promotes its own landscaping and greening business—Gunze Green Co., Ltd. The company is a group of professionals capable of creating comfortable living environments with flowers and greenery.
Gunze Green’s business lines include the sale of plant materials and nursery trees, the sale of flowers, and gardening.
This comprehensive range of business areas allows Gunze Green to answer a wide range of landscaping and greening requirements.
Tree Sales Group
This group provides the materials needed for creating green spaces across Japan. With a network of high-quality plant growers across Japan and a thorough knowledge of plants’ production status, Gunze Green’s sales staff conducts centralized control over every process leading up to delivery as they accept orders of a diversity of plant materials. Gunze Green staff carefully checks not only the quality of plants they provide but their conditions during transportation, ensuring on-time delivery to the desired destination.

Main Business Lines
Procurement and sale of greening materials, design/proposal of green spaces, and planting/planting management.
Delivery Record
The trees we deliver provide shade and comfort for various environments.
Flower Sales Group
To colorfully decorate various life occasions with flowers and greenery, Gunze Green offers a wide array of items via various channels, such as in-store sales and gift catalogues, while providing potted or packaged flowers for personal and corporate gifts and flower-based novelties.

Main Business Lines
Planning/proposal of flowers for in-store sales, potted/packaged flowers for personal and corporate gifts, and ornamental flowers for special events
Examples of Products
product example
Flowers on sale at stores
product example
Ornamental flowers packaged as gift items
product example
Potted flowers for corporate gifts
The Company sells Mizutemarin®, which makes it easy to spend time with plants at home!

Since the Covid-19, there has been a growing interest in indoor plants that can be enjoyed indoors, especially at home. Gunze Green has developed and sold "Mizutemarin®", a container for growing plants that is easy to water. Through our participation in exhibitions and sales on our own e-commerce site, we are gradually gaining more and more attention.
Division/Factories/Japanese and Overseas Affiliates
Affiliates in Japan
Gunze Green Co., Ltd.