With the aim of enhancing its corporate value, Gunze strives to appropriately distribute profits to shareholders, while proactively offering corporate information. By so doing, Gunze aims to build and expand the relationship of trust with investors.

Timely information disclosure and communication with investors

To facilitate investors’ understanding of the Gunze Group, we are committed to offering corporate information in a timely and easy-to-understand manner. Gunze also arranges as many opportunities as possible to communicate with individual and institutional investors, in order to directly report and explain the Gunze Group’s financial position as well as business lines and strategies.

Communication with individual investors

Gunze uses the opportunities of corporate presentations organized by securities firms to directly explain its business results and future plans to individual investors.

Communication with institutional investors

During the presentations of annual and interim financial results, top executives give a detailed explanation of Gunze’s financial standing to analysts and institutional investors. To further enhance investor’s understanding, the investor relations team regularly visits institutional investors to inform them of Gunze’s business strategies.