Gunze Group and SDGs

Our founding philosophy is the starting point for CSR

Founding Philosophy
Striving for a harmonious coexistence with all stakeholders through a people-oriented approach and a commitment to quality.

Gunze is determined to be a responsible corporate citizen by adhering to our founding principles. These principles include a people-oriented approach, a commitment to quality, and harmonious coexistence that serve as "warp" threads of our corporate management. Our business operations represent "weft" threads, which serve to meet the expectations of our society sincerely and flexibly by putting our corporate motto into practice. This combination of "warp" and "weft" is how we remain committed to contributing to society.

Founding Philosophy/Management Foundation/Production Base/Investment/Technology Development/Business Strategy

  • QOL improvement (Contribution to health and wellness)
  • Creation of an environment with abundant greenery, with ongoing response to environmental issues
  • Creation of a better community and society
  • Improvement of workplace environment and workstyle reform
  • Enhancing Resource Circulation Strategy for Plastics
  • Customers
  • Business partners
  • Regional Communities
  • Shareholders/Investors
  • Employees
  • Corporate Governance
  • Global Environment

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Gunze Group and SDGs

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