House Casual Wear

House Casual Wear

Gunze’s House Casual Wear

Quality sleep starts with quality nightwear. Along with changing lifestyles, home-wear clothing has become increasingly diversified. Gunze’s House Casual Center offers nightwear and home casual wear designed for physical and mental relaxation. Nightwear incorporates quality materials and advanced functionality for a good night’s sleep, while home casual wear accommodates a comfortable lifestyle.

Apparel Store Information

Introducing stores handling Gunze's apparel products, such as innerwear, stockings, socks, leggings, pajamas, etc.

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Main Brands

  • kaimin navikaimin navikaimin navi
    Kaimin navi reflects Gunze’s scientific approach to nightwear that ensures quality sleep.
    NATURAL HERB organic cotton pajamas are friendly to the Earth and its people.
    GUNZE brand nightwear combines fine-quality materials with high functionality to ensure comfortable, sound sleep.
    BODY WILD casual wear for men offers no-compromise styling and comfort.
    FILA brings the comfort of active sportswear into clothing for relaxing at home.
  • TuchéTuchéTuché
    Tuché daily home wear is perfect for fashion-conscious girls who want to go out without changing clothes.
  • Hush PuppiesHush PuppiesHush Puppies
    Created by the pioneer in contemporary casual fashion, Hush Puppies presents an at-home styling that is comfortable and relaxing.

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