Gunze’s Legwear Business

Appealing to the refined tastes of today’s beauty-conscious woman, Gunze’s latest legwear is designed to combine fashion with functionality. A variety of legwear lines include the long-selling SABRINA high-quality pantyhose, and the trend-setting Tuché line with a wide range of items from leggings to designer stockings.

Apparel Store Information

Introducing stores handling Gunze's apparel products, such as innerwear, stockings, socks, leggings, pajamas, etc.

Store Information

Main Brands

  • TuchéTuchéTuché
    The Tuché line offers a diversity of color and pattern variations to match a woman’s fashion sense, from elegant to casual.
    Functional SABRINA pantyhose combines high strength and attractive appearance with a smooth texture, offering beauty and comfort for fashion-conscious women.

※Brand site is written in Japanese.