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FeatureGunze Plastics Film Company is committed to realizing a sustainable society, and we are sincerely committed to addressing global environmental issues.
Gunze plastic films have been finding steadily increasing applications closely related to everyday life. For example, Gunze’s shrink film is used for plastic beverage bottles as well as packages for food, toiletry items, and other daily-use commodities, while our anti-fogging film is suitable for wrapping mushrooms, bean sprouts, and other fresh produce. In particular, shrink film used for beverage bottles maintains a very high share of the Japanese market.
In addition to providing the utility of packaging and wrapping, we strive to develop films that are easy to open and peel off,
and which build sustainability of the environment through Gunze’s cutting-edge technology.
Plastic Film Company
Gunze’s Plastic Film Business
Shrink Film
shrink_filmMain Products:
This film shrinks when heated. Used for bottle labels and other daily-use items, this product has captured one of the highest shares of the Japanese market.
Nylon Film
nylon_filmMain Products:
Gunze’s proprietary multilayer film, used as a wrapper for food products, serves as a gas barrier that prevents oxidative spoilage of the content, and is resistant to pinholing.
OPP Film
opp_filmMain Products:
Fresh Value
OPP film is used for packaging vegetables and confectionery items. The anti-fogging film causes moisture from vegetables to evenly spread, which helps make the content clearly visible. With this unique feature, this film is popular in the marketplace.
Flexible Multilayer Sheet
flexible_multilayer_sheetMain Products:
This highly functional sheet has uses other than packaging.
Gunze’s proprietary multilayer technology provides additional functional properties, making the sheet useful as wallpaper and an industrial material.
Functional Film Tubing and Multilayer Film Tubing
functional_tubes&multilayer_tubesMain Products:
Pure Wrap
These tubes shrink when heated. Our single-layer PET, olefin and polystyrene tubing, as well as heat-shrinkable nylon tubing is used for wrapping batteries, fluorescent lamps, LEDs, seafood and meat products, parts and industrial materials, as well as for general packaging. Gunze can also supply tubing products in printed or processed forms.
Gunze Kobunshi Corporation.
Consultation for Package System
Based on our multifaceted approach for packaging, Gunze consistently seeks to acquire new knowledge and technologies as we aim to give customers a choice of more environmentally friendly packages.
Our delicate aesthetic sense that we have developed as an apparel maker is combined with leading-edge technologies, such as gravure printing, lamination, forming and package-making technologies. Gunze not only supplies packaging materials but also offers a consulting service concerning a comprehensive package system. This includes advice for setting up a packing line and sale of packing machines. We are also actively engaged in joint development of packaging technologies and materials, as well as production technologies.
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