GUNZE sets “Basic Policy for Plastic Resource Circulation”
to realize a society that promotes plastic resource circulation

Gunze Limited (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan, President: Atsushi Hirochi) is pleased to announce that “Basic Policy for Plastic Resource Circulation” is determined to realize a society that promotes plastic resource circulation on December 24, 2019.
The problems of marine plastic waste are growing worldwide, and the problems have worsened particularly in emerging nations. This has led to stricter regulations for single-use and disposable plastics. Compliance with these regulations is also required by the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. Activities to combat the problem of marine plastic waste are accelerating on a global scale, and GUNZE recognizes its social responsibilities as a company engaged in the production and sale of plastic film packaging materials.

Basic Policy for Plastic Resource Circulation

GUNZE proactively implements the “3Rs + Renewable*” initiative for plastics,
to reduce the amount of plastic waste and help build a society
that promotes plastic resource circulation.

As such, we have established the following policies.

  • 1.Reduce the volume of plastics and promote the reuse and recycling of plastic items.
  • 2.Help implement effective and efficient plastic resource circulation through easy-to-classify and easy-to-recycle product design and by aggressively using renewable raw materials.
  • 3.Help reduce the use of petrochemical raw materials by developing products using bio-based materials.
  • 4.Conduct appropriate management of waste, and ensure that production activities have a smaller impact on the environment, so as to fulfill our responsibility as a manufacturer.

* 3Rs + Renewable:
3Rs stands for Reduce (using fewer resources for production and reducing waste), Reuse (using products and parts repeatedly), and Recycle (effectively using waste as raw materials or energy sources). “3Rs + Renewable” means adding the use of renewable resources to the 3Rs initiative.

Since the establishment of a pollution prevention committee in 1970, Gunze has been proactively promoting its activities of environment preservation as well as the pollution prevention through operations. In particular, in response to becoming the high awareness of global environmental issues in recent years, Gunze was determined a Gunze environmental charter in June 1997 and clarify the environmental attitude inside and outside the company. Under this basic attitude towards the global environmental issues, we have determined action guidelines that define the environmental issues to be solved and the goals to be achieved and actively engage in activities to reduce environmental impact, including the establishment of an environmental management system. In promoting these activities, we are working on realizing environmental management system that enhances environmental preservation impacts with proactively disclosure of environmental information such as environmental accounting as well as complying with related laws and regulations.

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